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Same shape, size, and healing time of acne

Does anyone else get this? Let me explain a bit. My acne is mainly on chin and around mouth. On my chin in the middle of it i will get tiny spots/whiteheads that never get inflammed and go away withing a day or two. On the sides in certain spots i will get cysts, certain spots on the sides will determine the shape and inflammation of it. Like there is one spot close to my mouth that when it will form a pimple it will always been a tight, painful, whitehead that is very red and its hard like a rock. Just in that one spot.

Its like i get the same exact kind of pimples in the same spots over and over. If you draw a small triangle from the corner of mouth down to chin that area will always be cyst like and no where else. All down that triangle will determine the size and shape. I know your prolly thinking isnt all pimples round? Well yes mostly, but mine always form like welp marks in lines, or ovals, not really ever round.

I just think its wierd how its the same exact kind of breakout in these certain areas all the time.

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i feel ya. mines a little different. sometimes i get some acne on one side and then a day or so i'll get the exact same pimple/ spot, whatever exactly symmetrical on the other side of my face in the exact same spot.

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