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a regimin that worked 4 me

Hi, I am writing this to try to help people that suffered from mod-severe body and face acne like myself. I finally found a regimin that worked 4 me and want to share it. I suffered for acne 4 15 years and tried everything but accutane and nothing but this worked 4 me. Here is what I do and it is very simple. I take a luke warm shower. I first step in and only wash my hair then I put my whole body under 4 about a minute using soap only on my but. then after that I dry off and leave my skin alone. Hours later after my shower I apply 2.5% BP allover. Thats it. It really worked 4 me. 95% of my acne cleared after 3 weeks, and is about 98% clear now. This is why I believe this works. When u use cleansers and apply BP immediately it causes way too much irritation, then u use moisturizer to compensate which is gross, and Ive tried them all eucerin cerave, st ives cetaphil u name it I tried it. Plus cleansers have detergents and other skin irritants. I used to have severe irritation after that regimin even after the moisturizer. Now I can use bp all I want and no irritation, no exessive oil neither. All these 3 step processes these companies r selling us are nonsense. BP works without having to strip your skin first. Your not opening your pores and all that other crap with their cleansers. I even talked to my dermatologist recently and he agreed to stay away from moisturizing. I really hope this can help some of you. Im not saying it will work 4 everyone, but it is the only thing that worked 4 me.

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