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Some help with awful redness?

I should start by saying I'm on month 4 of the regimen and clear except for some fading red marks, but the overall redness of my face is unbearable!

I am not using the full amount of BP because I look lobstery enough and anyway it seems to work just fine this way for me. So, month 4, let's say I can take the flakiness that appears after around 4 hours since applying the moisturizer, I can even take the rough texture of my skin and the fact that it no longer feels nice and smooth(yeah i treated acne before but the acne-free places were really soft), but what about the redness? It's very very obvious, as opposed to my light neck and I feel terribly embarassed.

Please, any suggestions on what can I do to get rid of the redness? How long will it take to fade or will it only go away when stopping the application of BP?

I ordered some Likas Papaya Soap because of the rave reviews, but I don't know if it will help my redness..Will it? God, also there's prom a month away, and I'll have to look years from now at those pictures and see myself looking like a crab next to all those pretty people.. That's not something desirable at all. Unless there's any chance for the redness to be gone in a month, I would really appreciate some suggestions about makeup, maybe a good foundation to wear that night..

Hopefully this didn't sound like a rant or anything, I'm just feeling very down at the moment.

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Stuff that helps my redness and burning is waiting 20 minute for BP to absorb, and using a zinc oxide sunscreen moisturizer like the classic sensitive olay complete. It might sound weird, but I think the white cast that zinc oxide gives me might help lighten my skin a big and make it less red.

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If you're in a sunny climate and spend any time outdoors, make sure you're wearing a strong SPF. It's possible that some of the redness could be attributed to sun exposure (with which the BP makes you far more sensitive to).

Also, have you tried jojoba oil during any point of your regimen. Many report that this reduces facial redness and relieves you of flakes relatively quickly.

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