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Any good spot removers?

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Hi guys, I was wondering if you know of any really great spot removers? Cause I am on accutane now and for the most part it's working great, but I do get a few zits here and there and when I get them they just dont want to go away! And they are big ones mad.gif . I've been on accutane for almost 2 months now. I'm in need of something that may help get rid of these big zits quicker and I have no clue what to use huh.gif .

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I found the most effective way of taking out the cysts I would get whilst on accutane is through the use of manuka oil. This is an extremely powerful natural antiseptic that is 33 times stronger than tea tree oil but at the same time, more gentle.

You can get it at very reasonable prices from www.manukaoil.com

Hope this is useful - it really is great stuff.

Also, you can combine it with emu oil for an even more effective method of attacking spots and cysts - the emu oil helps the antibacterial properties of the manuka oil penetrate deeper into the skin when applied after the manuka.

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Hello and thanks for your response! I have a question can you put this on directly to the infected spot or do you have to mix it with anything? Also I was thnking about getting the one with smells less will it work the same do you think? Thanks again for your help smile.gif !

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