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Hard Spots

Hi, I have just joined this website, I spent about an hour reading through the site and posts but can not seem to find an answer..

I have 2 spots (they looks like spots) one just under my arm pit and one on back. They have been there a while I would say 3 months. I never normally suffer with body acne.

Anyway they are about half a cm diameter (maybe smaller) and circular in shape. They have no head. The surface is smooth but maybe a little bit raised. But if I feel it, it feels like under the surface is a hard small lump. When I say small, I mean small.

The colour is slightly red, but not too bright.

Anyway they show no signs of going. I assume they will scar, but they are not too noticable and the rest of my back is clear. I am just curious as to what they are.

any help would be appreciated.



PS I would like too add, I never noticed when they first arrived, but they gave me and still dont give me any pain

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No one has any idea?

I suffer from face acne since I was 13. But my body has never been affected. These just seem weird. So I was curious.

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Hi there. :)

It's pretty much impossible to say whether they're acne lesions, lymph nodes, or whatever else they might be. Your best bet is to go to a doctor (doctor is fine, does not have to be a derm) to have the bumps examined. I'd really suggest doing that.

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You can use buttermilk to scrub the infected place everyday. Ideally, this should be done at least once a day for thirty minutes. This will help in lightening of your spots and is also a beneficial dark spots on home remedy. If your skin does not have any kind of sores and reactions, you can also use lime juice or hydrogen peroxide to lighten and eventually remove dark spots on skin. If you do not find hydrogen peroxide, you could also use organic apple cider vinegar diluted with water as an effective dark spots on arm home remedy option.

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