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Paleo Diet & New World Foods.

Ok, so I'm going little-processed paleo on monday, that is- tommorow. And I am really undecided, if I'm allowed to put a big, ripe avocado into my shopping basket today, with an intention of making myself ultra tasty guasacaca sauce for tommorow's steamed chicken breast. What are you experiences? Should New World Foods be strictly ruled out, or can they be tolerated, in some cases even desirable? I always considered avocado to be very healthy, due to the content of good fatty acids, roughly similar as olive oil... And what about spices? I freakin' love vanilla...

I know some paleo diets rules these foods out, and some allows them. I just want to know your particular experiences as far as acne is concerned. :rolleyes: I am lost, please help me out!

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No Paleo protocol I have ever heard of has ruled out avocados. In fact, just the opposite- they are mostly embraced as one of the most optimal of foods. Full of healthy fats and a good variety of nutrients.

A mistake often made with the paleo diet- both by those trying to follow it, and almost moreso by its criticizers- is attempting to recreate some speculative fantasy of "paleo man didn't eat that, or he did this and this". This is often referred to as "paleo re-enactment".

While this can be helpful when conceptualizing the basis for the paleo diet, it really is more important to focus on the objective science and actual human physiology- specifically the metabolic environment in which humans evolved in, and subsequently how different foods and/or eating habits impact the body.

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Thank you. It sounds so perfectly obvious, when stated that clearly, while I got mentally stuck, running after my tail trying to figure that out. Thanks alot once again and sorry for silly question :redface:

I'm so full of good cheer regarding this diet... :)

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