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I just wanted to share my success story with everyone. 6 months ago i was really down about my acne, I had tried everything, been suffering with extreme acne since i was 12, I am now 32, it was 3 am and I couldn't sleep. I was supposed to be going on a work night out but was always so self conscious about going out with my acne, when i stumbled across an article on an American newspaper website about a Dr Jess Brown *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules that you agreed to when you signed up here. *

if you're worried about the michael in the web address, it turns out thats her husbands name). She was a dermatologist in the states and had been working on acne treatment. I was extremely sceptical about this and spent days surfing for further info on her, and only found positive articles about her. So I took the plunge and registered on her website, you have to pay a relatively small fee and then you get to download lots of documents which were very useful. Unlike most websites like this I actually got to email the doctor direct and she was really supportive and helpful. To cut a long story short its now 6 months later and i feel a millions times more confident, she has really helped me, and my acne has almost all cleared up, its amazing.

Hope everyone can feel as good as me and their acne clears up, good luck to all.


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