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Some help please :(

Hi all... new here :)

I used to get pimples regularly when i was around 16. After some time they became rare.

I'm 22 now, and i got 3 painful pimples within 3 days two weeks back, and one of them being right at the end of my nose :(

The other 2 on my left cheek have reduced to a small hard dark spot which have usually went away after a few days with me in the past.... but not the one on the nose.

It began with the tip of my nose being painfully red and a bit swollen...since then it has become a dark red bump not changing much as far as the size is concerned, its no longer painful though.

I have generally not messed with it but today after becoming much frustrated i pressed it a bit and some mostly clear liquid oozed out followed by a bit of blood on subsequent pressing. It has gone down a bit but not by much.

I haven't applied much of anything... just used one cream which has zinc and stuff which i guess isn't effective with this sort of acne cause it dint do anything when previously with the regular acne (which had the habit of coming to a head) were stopped dead in their tracks.

Please help... what should i do??

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First off, you should have never touched it, especially any sore ones on the nose, it's going to make it stay there longer and might even get more inflamed (Because you touched it, dont expect it to go away anytime soon now sorry to say). Wash your face with fairly hot water twice a day and every night put some BP on it. That should kill it hopefully in a week. DON'T TOUCH IT AGAIN or that thing won't go away for a month.

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Thanks for the reply...yes i shouldn't have touched it but it was just so damn irritating that i went ahead...and well now that i did drain it... the skin around it is sort of bruised and red and leaking clear fluid (lymph fluid i think?) sometimes... the pimple though has become considerably flattened today.

i went to the doc and have been prescribed some meds... hopefully it should all clear up in a week. :confused: ..hopefully..

has someone else experienced similar irritation of the skin around the pimple after draining it?? was i too hard on my skin while draining the thing?

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