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watching some comedy and thought this acne bit was funny.

you'll get a big fat pimple once in a while and you just think to yourself, "ugh god why? why me?" you ever look at homeless people, they have not one pimple, perfect clear skin. seriously, what are these homeless doing in their skin regimen that i'm not doing. i got my proactive, my cleanser, my toner but nothing, maybe whiskey is the secret ingredient.

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Totally hilarious!

Guess what this was what have been through my mind while watching tv, a show about how poor and developing places people's lifes etc. I was looking alluring at their skin and wonder deep hard and amazed, no doubt their daily meals is an issue for those poor people hygiene issue is another, which part of my life is so different from them?

Yes i hardly eat anything that is oily or expensive anymore anyway, i dont eat fastfood at all or spicy stuffs, hardly diary products etc.

So on a normal traditional basis:

I wash face. (they might hardly wash face i guess no offence, somemore we got better products to clear pores)

I am super particular about bacteria. (my place is definately cleaner less bacteria and germs than them)

I eat plain simple food. (definately more nutritious than them also!)

Developing countries (no offences again not trying be racist or sexist or whatever) but every teens do go through puberty isnt it? I could see those teens young adults have flaless skin, i swear i ahve yet to see troubled problemed skin from those developing countries documenaries yet. 0_0

YET YET YET they has the best perfect that i can ever dream of like seriously no joking.

I just cant believe it.

Think i can really laugh in tears.

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"If a homeless person has a funny sign, he hasn't been homeless that long. A real homeless person is too hungry to be funny." --

Sorry, I couldn't resist. :D One of the best song lyrics of all time.

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