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Im 21 , and ive had acne since i was 15 .......it almost came out of no where , its like i was clear the one week , the next i was full of zits..........its weird cause i had moved from europe , and after a week i started getting acne.......

I remember going to school and feeling embarrassed and i would try to hide .I didnt want to face any ones cause i felt ugly also i didnt even know how to speak english very well.........

There was a few times where my acne was so bad i didnt even want to go out of my room so my family didnt see me.............i would put make up on just to go to the kitchen just to get something to eat.(im a guy and have to put on make up) I had missed alot of day of school cause sometimes i broke out so bad that i just would stay home.

The worst pimples were the ones on my nose .....

Acne is fucked up and no one should have to go through it and i just wanted to say thanks to dan and to alot of nice people in here who helped out..........Thanks to the regiment ive been for the most part clear for about a year and a half.......It has to be the regiment cause as soon as i started doing it the right way i got clear......I still break out and have to battle acne but its not that big of a problem anymore......i wash my face once a day now and put on BP once a day and during the day i'll put on very little cover up just to cover red spots from old pimples ..........

I cant say my life is that great right now , and who know maybe it will never be but one thing i can say is ACNE ISNT that big of a problem anymore........im not afraid to go out anymore and if my skin stays this way for the rest my life its not that big of a deal cause i got it under control............and you know what, FUCK YOU ACNE , i beat you.

Thanks Dan , thanks for making my life a little easier.

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The same for me, it's not a very big deal anymore. The shitty thing is it's taking so much energy to keep it in control, that my mind is on it 24/7. So I'm not released yet bb_sad.gif . Hope it will come soon bb_eusa_pray.gif

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