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Hi everyone,

I know we're all on this board looking for a permanent solution, and what I have to share is hardly the answer to our prayers, but I'd rather throw this out there on the off chance it helps someone feel even momentarily better like it sometimes does myself.

I have mostly boxcar scarring, about five or six "visible" ones on the apples of either cheek and some superficially scarred pores (not icepicks, just minor imperfections) in the surrounding area which give my cheeks an overall textured/scarred appearance (or says me, anyway). Not the worst case of scarring, perhaps, but it's certainly not invisible and it bothers the heck out of me. I sometimes find my gut clenching in misery when I look in the mirror and I'm almost always mentally conscious of my skin no matter where I am or what I am doing.

Anyway, on to my idea. I had read the thread about the Daphne fillers on this board a few months back, but no one on that thread (minus perhaps one user) had all that many great things to say about it considering how much it costs to experiment with. Plus, the idea of not being able to wear make-up over it kind of worried me as I do like to wear make-up to even out my skin tone and texture when I go out. So, I gave up on the Daphne idea with much regret, because even temporary cover-up sounds appealing. On dates and special occasions when you REALLY want to look decent especially.

Then, one day I was considering how nice Clindoxyl Gel made my skin look once it had dried up on my skin (I believe this is the Canadian name for the product, by the way. I'm not sure what it's called in the U.S. but I've heard that there is an equivalent for it there--in Canada it's a prescription only topical acne therapy Gel using Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide. It's made by Stiefel and the DIN# is 02243158. Quite common here.) and I started thinking, what if I used this as my daphne filler equivalent? It's cheap, it won't cause acne (quite the contrary, actually), it can be worn with or without make-up and you can wash it off if it doesn't look right. Without make-up it does a nice enough job of smoothing out the scars as it dries only slightly opaque (straight out of the tube, the product is a milky colour but in thin applications, this milkiness dries to match the colour of my skin). I apply it only inside of the boxcar scars, edge to edge and it fills them in enough that they no longer appear deep or shadowed. They do NOT disappear, but they certainly look more superficial than they did without it. Instead of scarred skin, I essentially end up looking like I have "textured" skin, which is a definite improvement in my books. P.S. My skin is fair, so I can in NO WAY assure anyone that this trick will work for them, but I figure others might want to try it and see for themselves if it helps cover the scars at all. Most people have Clindoxyl right at home anyway for their acne, so why not?

For any girls who are interested, when I want to go out, I put my make-up on as I usually would (Cover-Fx Acne Prone Skin Primer, Cover FX concealer on my cheeks, MAC foundation and Cover FX Matte Powder and some blush) and then using either a safety pin, the flat end of a hair pin or the sharper eyebrow tweezers, I dab a bit of Clindoxyl into my boxcar scars, being careful to keep the product inside the scar only. Sometimes after it dries (takes 2 min) I'll have to apply another layer of the Clindoxyl to smooth it out because it won't have filled in the scar enough to suit my liking. Because it's mostly clear, it dries to the color of the make-up I have underneath and a little bit of blush or powder over it even blends it in better. I've tested it out numerous times asking girlfriends whether they notice anything "off" about my make-up and, so far, no one's been able to tell that I'm wearing anything other than standard cover-up.

Okay, so really, I'm not trying to sell anyone on anything and I realize this sounds mostly silly and unsatisfactory as a technique, but hey, it helps calm the anxiety my scars sometimes bring on enough to allow me to feel good about myself and I figure, we're on this board to help each other...even if it's not much of a break-through.

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