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First post and thread, HUZZAH!

I'm sure everyone here has heard that acne is normal amongst teens, yeah? Never seems that way to me. 98% of kids in my school have ACNE-FREE SKIN. I am not exaggerating. The irony is I watch what I eat and exercise more than they do, yet they're allowed to eat whatever junk they feel while looking great. I even take care of my face more than they do theirs. It makes me feel like there is this grand secret to being clear that they all know, yet I'm stuck with huge pimples, a crapload 'a bleeding scars 'n scabs, and enough paranoia to fuel a hijacked bus. It makes me feel like the Ugly Duckling. Did I mention I am the only one in my family with bad acne? The rest of them are normal. And recently every time I pass someone my age range with clear skin I feel like the Ugly Duckling. Acne, die.

Has anyone shared these sentiments or experiences?

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OMG yes. i hate that. i have really good skin care habits and then i have friends (and my sisters) who wash their face maybe once a day, never moisturize or treat, sleep in makeup and are perfectly fine!!!!!!!!!! its so frustrating and annoying! and then u always think that they are doing something u aren't or u are doing something wrong. i get so envious of girls with nice skin. its not fair :(

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I know how you feel. I saw so many people in high school that had great skin. I couldn't understand why that wasn't me... but there's only so far those thoughts can take you.

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