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Isotretinoin & Tretinoin

So I think was skin was worst when I was at 14 or 15, thereabout. It took me too long to see a derm. My cheeks were the problematic areas then (which are clear now), the leftover scars constantly remind me of my acne problems.

I really regret not seeing the derm earlier. I was prescribed Minocycline (?), Dalacin T in the day and Differin in the night. It took awhile to see results. Then I stopped the antibiotics.. they came back again. I went back to the derm and said I would like accutane. She rejected me and persuaded me to continue on Minocycline.

For some reason or another, I stopped going back to the derm. I stopped treatment.

Fast forward a few years, my cheeks are clear now, but I'm breaking out in areas like my chin, jaw, neck. I can't seem to stop these areas from breaking out. I read that they're hormonal acne. I do breakout very badly whenever I'm approaching my period.

So I decided that maybe I should give Differin a try again. I am now on my 2nd week. I started on 23 Oct, missed 1 or 2 nights.

I feel like crying as I am typing this. My chin is covered with cysts, they hurt so bad, looks red and angry. (I took pictures but I think they'd freak you guys out so i decided not to upload them)

I was prepared for an initial breakout but I didn't expect it to be THIS bad. I mean, even though I went through the same thing years ago (suffered the initial breakout and then it finally got better after MONTHS) things are just different now.

Back then, I was in school, I never found the need to put on makeup for school. Putting on Dalacin T in the morning was no problem. I just faced some peeling here and there... Now that I'm adult, I just can't go without makeup cos I feel people are very judgmental when it comes to looks. This poses a problem if I am on medication. I can't put on makeup on flaky and dry skin, yet I have to cover up those nasty zits.

I feel so helpless. I have an job interview in 1.5 days time, how am I supposed to face my interviewers looking like that? I can't help but wonder if it could be due to my acne if I do not get the job.

I envy how smooth and flawless-looking skin my girlfriends have. I can't even apply beauty-related jobs because it is a requirement to have "good complexion". Sometimes I feel like people are staring at my acne when they talk to me.

A friend of mine has been on accutane for 1 year, she advised me to go have a try at it too. I am seriously considering this option, but I kind of want to wait out and see how the Differin goes. However, I feel so desperate to have clear skin as soon as possible. Maybe I should go on birth control, since my period is irregular...

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I thought it was getting better. I think it really isn't.

Those bumps, they hurt so bad, they itch. They burn.

I think I am going to see a derm tomorrow. I can't take this anymore.

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I am now on Nimegen (Isotretinion 10mg) + antibiotics + Tretinoin cream + possibly BP.

Was told to quit Differin. Let's see if I can change the title.

So today: Day 1 of Nimegen. I will start on the antibiotics tomorrow. Please, please, no dreaded IB :(

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it is usually recommended that anyone on accutane does not use topicals except for moisturizers. by using topicals while on accutane, it could further damage your thinned out skin.

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