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emotional effects.. moral support for acne sufferers

hi. :)) im new here. this is actually my first post. i dont know where to start. hmm, acne, i wanted to have a clear skin since i was in second year highschool until now i still do have problems in my skin.. now that i am 20 years old and soon ill be working as a nurse in a tertiary hospital, im scared that my patients or worst my co workers will stare at my face because due to acne.. :( im fighting acne for seven years now.. when im on second year college, i went to a dermatologist but at the end of my fouth year college, i wasnt able to go to derma due to financial constraints and iam looking forward to have a dermatologist again when i am able to have a stable job and be able to spend money for acne products. i felt bad about myself i felt depressed when i look at myself. sometimes i hate taking pictures... i just cried alot.. as i alot.. :( i dont like talking to people face to face.. i've dated guys before, sometimes i felt rejected... i thought because of my acne they didnt keep me as my girlfriend.. when i was in college, i learned makeup tips... i experimented brands of makeup suitable for my skin to be able to cover up my blemishes, acne and scars. now,i just wanted to have a healthy skin, even wothout make up.. i just wanted to enjoy swimming at the beach with my friends or just playing under the rain with youre special someone. i just wanted to be free in this situation. i believe that acne is temporary, God doesnt allow problems like this ..because he knows that we can surpass this.. this things shall pass.. one of my favorite memory verse tells me.. i should be strong and courageous... :)

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Hi there! Welcome to the forums :D.

Ooh, I know how you're feeling. Even though I've only fighted against it for 4 years, it's still a damn long time, when you're an acne sufferer! The makeup is both a gift and a curse - it gives you a bit more confidence, but it also "traps" you, sort of. As you said, you're not able to swim at the beach or play under the rain. It's really annoying :/. But someday, we'll all be clear :D. I just don't want to waste more of my time being depressed due to acne.

I bet you're a really nice person, since you want to work as a nurse! (of course, you can be a nice person, without being a nurse xD but peoples job can say a lot about the person :b) So you definitely deserve clean skin :D. Keep on fighting!

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You sound almost like my twin. I am also twenty, in my second year of college, and dealing with acne. I am confident in who I am on the inside, and I know I am a good person. Somehow I sort of believe that I have had ugly duckling syndrome my whole life, and that has forced me to be nice to people, very social, and have a good sense of humor. Yet it isn't always enough to have people telling you that you are nice or funny, especially when acne holds you back from things that people our age should enjoy. New relationships, summer days with friends, sleeping over at a friends house even. I haven't dated in two years, and sometimes i think I hold myself back because I myself expect that guys won't want to date me if I have acne. Many times when I look in the mirror I don't see who I expect to see, but it never is. It is irritating to hear my friends who don't have acne say "it isn't that bad" or "you'll grow out of it don't worry." When will I grow out of it? I am twenty, not 15, though I have struggled with acne since that time.

You sound like a good person, and you know what sometimes gets me through the really bad times of acne depression? I just try to remember that it has made me more understanding toward other people, and that one day, whether acne free or not, I will look back and remember that girl I was who thought it was so important to have clear skin but still had a lot of other things going for her.

I'm there with you, and sooner or later we will have clear skin.

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