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Spiro. Q's on price, side effects & potassium

no one ever answers me. i deleted my questions. forget it. :cry:

Could you possibly tell me what your questions are? This is the first time in quite a few months that I started posting again so I might be able to help you since I take Spiro. :)

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thanks :]

-(my skin was ok. due to some diet change.. little sugar and diary mostly veggies & fruits.) went to a derm. was prescribe 50mg 60 tablets.. 50mg for 2 weeks then up to 100mg.. tretinoin too, but it cost $50 insurance doesnt cover it. i dont work and dont wanna bother parents for money. so didnt got it. i didnt wanna use topicals anyway only something oral. just so u know i've never taken any prescription meds in my entire life! so i was scared of starting it after hearing about the side effects. & im ONLY taking spiro right now.

1. i hear alot of ppl saying they paid only $10 for spiro. i got mine at walmart and it cost $45! but with insurance i had to pay $1 whew. :D .. Did they got the 90 tablets supply for $10?

2. and does it matter what pharmacy you go to for a more "affective" pill.

3. can i eat food with potassium since im on a low mg, like spinach. cuz i usually eat those. i'd be fine right?

4. is it pronounce SPhEEEr- ro like the weapon spear or Spy-ro like spiral? i say SPHEEER-ro the spear.

5. DAY 1. started taking it on NOV 5.. its the 11 so its been a week & some days.. first 2 days i felt decrease in oil.. but then my skin went back to being normal like before again.. no constant peeing yet.. is it because im on a low dose? has anyone had any constant peeing on 50mg?

6. im actually breaking out worser. (maybe cause the thought of spiro would work in a few days i started to break down and got hungry and ate SOME foods with sugar-_- and milk(dairy) with fiberone cereal. maybe its because of that diet) i know some ppl said it'll work at month 3, guess i'll wait it out. did u get an initial breakout?

7. i do get muscle weakness and small tingling sensation on my arms and legs. sometimes go on and off. doesn't feel serious. did u get this too?

-i took it everyday at 4:30pm for 1 week. So far no side effects of constant peeing, dehydration or the need to drink water constantly. just feeling normal.

on NOV 12th, 2nd wk. i decided to take it during bedtime. 8:00pm. since i did remember reading the sticker on bottle tube thing. to take it during nighttime. Plus i herd some ppl saying it absorbs more better during night time. so i took it 8pm and ate sum nighttime snacks and meals & slept. (before when i wasn't taking spiro. & doing the diet change thing i dont eat after 8pm. but the thought of taking meds anyway & eating whatever i want now, now im eating after 8pm-_-

8. Day 9. Saturday NOV 13. taken on 8pm now. dont think this is a spiro side effect... but i was SCARED! when i started to sleep the left side of my throat feels like theres a lump. heres a pic. of a throat to understand what im saying.thyroid.jpg

its UR RIGHT SIDE view. but MY left side of the Larynx. for guys adam's apple? dont think its my thyroid since its more downer. it felt uncomfortable & i was sleepy. so i slept anyway. as i was falling asleep.. it started to feel like my throat is blocking my throat-way? airway?? more and more as i was falling asleep deeper and deeper.

1am and i couldn't sleep cause i thought it'll block my breathing so i started to cry alil. stay up till 7am :[ thought about 911-ing but the thought of them cutting up my throat for air hole is a NO! acne is enough to deal with and dealing with a hole in my throat? uh NO WAY! or goin to the walkin emergency room next day but i didnt want to! skin is worser then before my makeup wont cover it well enough. (i use maybelline superstay 24 hr btw.. for 6 hrs of going outside. doesn't break me out like MAC does. & covergirl smoothers concealer & thats it. face would look flawless, 5ft away yea, & dewy later in the day.) and had to constantly pee every 15min or hr. It felt better when i stand/sit up. So that constant peeing thats making me wake up is a plus so i would felt less of that lump and i breathe better. maybe because i change the time of taking spiro at 8pm? or maybe its not spiro at all? i dont know... also when i turn to my left its feels weird and uncomfortable

4am was fricken tired! was sleeping on my back just so u know. decided to see if i can sleep it off and see what happen. does it actually block my breathing or not. as i fall asleep deeper and deeper. it started to go up, up, up like how u would blow a balloon, it would blow up and up. ok so its not a lump. its feel like that area feel swollen? and more swollen as i slept. BUT it didnt block my airway just my throat & not my airway so thats a good thing. but still felt uncomfortable feeling it.

THEN i started to sleep on my right side. cause i fall asleep more faster on my right side and hell! i jux wanted to shut my eye! AND THEN! that area start to burn.. like it felt like it was spreading something? to my left jaw and then alittle bit on the bottom of the cheek. felt like jaw and cheek was getting swollen. rushed to look at the mirror to see if that side of my cheek got chubby cause it feels like its getting chubby. maybe im hallucinating or did it got ALITTLE chubbier or my cheeks been like that? i dont know.. i couldn't even tell the differences.. Pff..

i also do see a cast shadow like theres lump on that left side of my throat. i felt it and doesnt feel not identical to the other side of my throat.. i was scared.

ok not sleeping on the right anymore.. sleep on my back then... few more hours i feel it go up to the back of my ear meaning i can feel it in my brain. am i starting to grow a tumor or cancer!?!??!? cause it feels like it. :cry:

5am tried sleeping sitting up. dont work. watched sum tv to see if i can fall asleep while watching.

6am notice i was falling alseep alil? so... im not DEAD YAY! still gonna unlock my door my parents incase i died in my sleep. har.

7am i was like fk it.. its 7! my eyes is so baggy. this time is a good time to sleep cause now im in heavy sleep mode and can fall alseep in like a few min or less. since i was up all night. i finally slept.

NOW SUNDAY. wakes up on and off due to sun and ppl. woke up at 1pm. bathroom. period came. had 5 hours of sleep. wanted to make up for lost sleep but was scared. decided to watch a movie on the computer. & damm? i didnt felt sleepy either wow. time to sleep again. im not staying up like yesterday AGAIN. it felt uncomfortable, but i slept.. maybe i'll change it and take it back at 4pm instead of 8.

now today is monday. i dont wanna go to my doctor YET. until my face gets atleast ok for makeup. dont feel like covering crusted one.

BUT lets go backwards and review on what i ate and DID... just to make sure its not from spiro.. dont remember what i ate before 6pm. but its home cook meals, milk/cereal, those mini candy cane, toasted bread with 'I cant believe it not butter', and hot pocket. those can be cross out. canT be any of those because i eat those all all time.

also HAD MAJOR CRAVINGs! which i always do, 2 weeks before i get my period. will be getting it on the 14. which is this week. was thirsty for SODA. i haven't drank soda for a long time. had coke cola, was a long time ago LOL DRANK IT anyway. was flat. threw that out. ANY kind of drink/juice in the fridge. GIMME! pineapple juice (brand: tropicana) eww. why my mom bought that? watever. i drank it anyway. look at the expire date. Spit it out. OMG was expired! GREAT! no wonder it tasted bad and the color of it was dark LMAO!. drank a small cup of welches grape juice i had incase i felt like doing apple fast. club soda lemon flavored. and some water. little cups of each. i also took this Huggies baby wipe thing u use to clean baby's bottom. to clean my neck. me and my mom just use it to rub and clean our skin. to get rid of those dark spots. im light skinned and having some parts of the skin dark and not matching my other skin isnt attractive looking.. my moms idea so DONT ASK. huggies.com if u wanna see what it is. they never have the same brand at walmart so she got another kind, it was a white box. i dont wanna use it cause it had FRAGRANCE on it. we usually use the green box that has cucumbers on it. & scent-free. So was my first time using 'THIS" kind. (dont know what kind/version it called.) & damm was my neck red from that and when i breathe. the scent of it tinkle my nose and felt like small circle marble stuff was crawling thru my nose. but its not marble.. was like small sand-size marble-like wet-like stuff. felt cool & magic-y when it skip in my nose (like how u would skip rocks at a lake) but weird at the same time & made me sneeze. ANYWAYS LOL, i did this around 9 or 10pm. maybe its THAT! and it made me allergic? and went down my neck and thats why i feel this swollen thing, HOURS later. or maybe its not.. what do u guys think :/

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http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=spironolactone :P

Costs vary according to insurance and pharmacy. You can call around for a good deal but it sounds like you got one.

Spinach is fine, you're not on a large dose. Make sure you get your blood work done regularly, as ordered. Drink more water! Spiro is dehydrating as it is a diuretic. The muscle weakness and tingling is not normal, call your doctor.

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i like the SPEER-ro pronunciation better, but ok.

my derm didn't say anything about checking up on my blood. Her receptionist made an appointment for me and told me to come back on march. =\

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1. The price varies with each pharmacy. With the pharmacy I'm with, I pay a total of $22 for a three month supply. You could easily call around to other pharmacies to get prices of spiro. That's what I did. Just ask what the price of the pills will be after the pharmacist fee is added to get an idea of which place is cheaper.

2. It doesn't matter which pharmacy you go to. It should all be the same pill. When I called around about spiro before I started them, they all told me the same name which is Novo-Spirotone.

3. This was something I was very concerned with when I first started! I looked around here and people were told that they must eat things like bananas and other high K foods "considerably less often" even though they never had problems with their potassium levels so I decided to ask my Endo about it and he told me that you CAN eat anything with potassium in it. The only time you have to be concerned about your K levels rising is if you have problems with your kidney and/or if you are on a very high dose(200mg or more a day). I only take 25mg a day and my K levels have remained the same. Your doctor will probably want to monitor your K levels twice a year just to be on the safe side. There is potassium in almost everything to some extent to it would be very difficult to try to avoid it.

4. Here's how to pronounce the word properly. Just click on the little speaker icon next to the word to hear how to say it.

5. It might take a couple of months for you to really notice any changes. When I started them, I had a lot of water retention because of the BC pills I was on so I had to go to the bathroom a bit more. After the water retention cleared up, I just went to the bathroom normally.

The low dose just may work for you. Not everyone needs to be on a very high dose for it to work for them. I take a low dose as well and I could go up to 50mg a day but the pills are already making my skin drier then normal so I have to stay where I am.

6. That is very normal. What's happening is the pills are pushing out any acne that may be lingering underneath the skin. For many people, their skin gets a bit worse before it starts to clear up. That's why you have to give the pills a few months to really see any noticeable changes. I'll get to the sweets after I answer your questions. :)

7. The muscle weakness and tingling is very normal. I asked my Endo about it. I had that as well and I found that once I drank some more water, it would go away. It only lasted a couple of months(off and on) at the most. Just make sure you don't go overboard with the water though. It is possible to drink too much water.

Now I never checked your profile out but I'm assuming that you are a girl. If you are then you might want to see and Endocrinologist because you said that your skin improved when you ate less sugars. You might have PCOS which is a hormone imbalance that can raise your insulin levels. Elevated insulin can cause acne breakouts as well so if your blood glucose levels are high, then taking something like Metformin may not only help to lower your glucose levels but to less the acne as well.

Also, sometimes when we feel hungry, it's not actually that we are hungry but thirsty. When you start to feel like you want to pig out, try drinking some water instead. If the hunger pangs are actually from thirst, it will go away once you start to drink some water.

Now I've always been told to never take Spiro before bedtime because if it makes you pee more then the last thing you want is to get out of bed how many times a night to pee. Try taking the pills at a different time. I use to take them at lunchtime and it didn't really work out for me but once I started to take them after dinner(which is around 7:00pm) then they started to work better for me. You should also take the pills with some milk or food. That's what I've always been told to do because it can upset your stomach if it's empty.

Now with what you've described about your throat feeling like it's closing up. While you should ask your doctor about it but honestly, it sounds like anxiety to me because I use to have panic attacks and one of the first things I had before an attack was the feeling of my throat "closing" up on me when it actually wasn't. Did you have a lot of worries and/or concerns about taking these pills before you started them? If the answer is yes then you could just be worrying about how the pills will react with you. I felt that way when I started Diane 35 back in 2002 and the first thing I though was "it must be the pills!" but it was just me working myself up over it.

I hope that helped! :)

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Calypso, how long have u been taking 25mg for? and when did u saw improvement? and are u taking anything else beside spiro?

7. its good to know im not the only one who has muscle weakness and some tinglings.

i read some reviews here before getting spiro. i do notice when ppl hear say they get those side effects like legs cramp or headaches & whatnots. i said 'course drinking water would make it go away~'. i took that as a lesson to learn.. for myself. when, imma get spiro is; if i were to experience side effects like them.. :idea: just drink water".. but this tingling sensation is fine as long as it doesn't get too serious then its time to be atleast worried.

yes im a girl.. if i was a guy. i would take the natural holistic approach with supplements & diet changes. i tried the holistic approach also since nov '09 with apple fast, diet change (hard to stick to it.. if my household keep having sugar here & there sometimes. really needa live by myself.thats why i want meds).. download some free acne ebooks i could find online HAHA. but i dont have the money for supplements & supplies.. so couldnt do it.. especially that leo kiesen book. if anyones wondering, i got.. Acne in 3 days (apple fast thing), MR X Acne, Leo Kiesien Your acne solution, & Acne for dummies(LOL it was FREE, so i'll take whatever i can get thats out there already. didnt read it tho) if u or anyone wants them. i'll be happy to send it thru email.

ok anyway..

i did went to see an Endo first.. i wanted them to solve my problem and be the one to prescribe me spiro. but i guess the one i had couldnt help much..

tested for hormonal, insulin resistant, androgen sensitivity, hirsutism, diabetes, pcos & others. everything was normal. even in the normal range their all low. piss me off how everything can be normal.. as u can see theres acne & hair on my skin. wish DRs would stop always looking and relying on blood work and look at my skin which clearly isnt normal.. i didnt felt a good vibe from that endo when she chuckle & joked with me on some stuff.. what doctor does that.. not a time to joke with me.. & i mention spiro to her, and that other people use it for acne too.. she said she never herd of spiro for acne & i shouldn't be listening to other ppl.. she only prescribe it for pcos ppl & i dont fit in PCOS cause im not pear shape. im 110lbs and petite. also showed her studies of J. Shaw from pubmed. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12219252 & bunch of other research.. she read and agreed then just brushed it off and handed it back to me.. Like she's saying "IM A DOCTOR! ur a patient. im not listening to a patient that just got things off the internet!".. OMG doctors and their high ego.. I cried in the inside cause of no hope for me.. she wanted me to get on antibiotics. i didnt want anything "Anti-body" related, inside my body.. i want something anti-androgen-like.. since i do have hair all over also, im sure its me being sensitive to DHT or androgen or whatever.. cause they do stimulate hair follicle too.. and she said to see a derm and get their opinion. im not gonna waste more time to find the right endo. cause that appt. was pointless going to her & a waste of my time.. constant PCP & health facility change since march.. so i just went to the derm and they prescribe me spiro..

i def thought about the anxiety thing. no worries or anything. i was cold in my room and was shaky. turn my heat up & tried to relax but no it wasnt cause of that either. probably allergic reaction to that babywipe thing or that expire pineapple juice? i hope its not due to spiro. i made an appt to see my PCP soon. so we'll see...

& Thank u for answering, you really help answer all my questions and concerns. =]

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You're welcome! I was a bit nervous about starting spiro too and it helps when people answer any questions you may have. :)

I've been taking 25mg since November 2008. I do still get the odd breakout here and there like when I'm about to start my period but other then that, everything is pretty good. I'm much prefer to go back onto Diane 35 but that's not an option for me right now.

When I read that your doctor said that people only fit the PCOS type if they are pear shaped made me shake my head. That doctor has yet to update themselves on this disorder. Here's a link for you to read. It is very possible for thin women to have PCOS because I am thin! My weight is anywhere from 115-120lbs(I build muscle very easily) and I'm a little over 5' and I have PCOS. Just do a search on "thin PCOS" and you will get a lot of results on it.

I can't see you reacting to the spiro because like a food allergy, it tends to hit you very quickly after taking the medication. I still think it was a bit of anxiety because when I had my first panic attack, I was feeling fine. I wasn't worried or stressed about anything and then BAM! There is was. Of course, like I said before, I could be wrong but it's something worth asking your doctor about. :)

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