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Anybody STILL have cyctic after 10 years?

Ok, I started getting cyctis acne around age 15. My dad had it too as a teen. I got it on my back (mainly shoulders, but down my spine as well), face, neck, some in my head, waste area and some lower if you know what I mean and a few on my chest and coller bones. After my quack doctor treated it with mild antiboitics for 3 years I finnaly went to a specialist. He gave me acutane. After about 6 months, I had cleared up about 90%. The meds had me an emotional wreck though. I was mad all of the time and just wasn't a happy person...so I quit taking them seeing as I felt cured. But now I'm all scarred up and don't want to go to the dr because I just don't like people seeing me(besides my wife). I still get the same reaccuring cycts. 2 at my waste line, one in the back of my head, two on my pubic area. They won't go away. Anyone else have this problem? What should I do? Besides the obvious going to the dr? I will...I just don't want them cutting into me or shaving the back of my head. Input?

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I would get occasional acne cysts into my forties. It is very typical for this type of acne to persist well into adulthood and into middle age.

Candidly, rpost, to me, anyway, reveals that you have some serious issues with regard to past treatment, appearance etc. and are someone phobic about seeking medical attention to your problem.

There are many natural and homeopathic treatments for cystic acne and they have been reported on these boards with mixed results. They seem to work for some, and are absolutely useless for others.

Personally I would return to a competent derm, have the cysts drained AND injected and there is a good chance that they will go away.

Because you appear to have issues with your acne and your body, I would also recommend that you seek professional counseling regarding these issues. Frankly, if you feel better about yourself, you may actually heal better or faster, strange as this may seem.

All the best,

Joe Zit

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