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Morning to Night

How can it be possible??

Hey guys i got something to ask.

Well right now i am on my 1st week of the regimen.

This is what happened. I missed just once because i just slept without washing my face and applying the BP treatment. The next day i woke up it wasnt that bad. and since its entering to my 2nd week of the regimen i planned to apply two times a day. so i put the BP in the morning and until then it was all good. However, i went out for dinner and suddenly i saw my face in the bathroom mirror, my pimple was really bad. it was like the stage where i was going to start the regimen.... literally it was really bad...Let me say it again.. "Real Bad".... the pimple got white (was going to pop).... Is this even possible??...

n wat if later on i was on the regimen for more than 4-6 months and just miss one session.. will it be suddenly turn out bad??....

Im quite concerned with this... please help...


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i noticed that it can be possible.

i started to get very clear and all i had to deal is was a little bit of redness. but then i had to go out and wanted to look good so i decided to put make up in my face. as it didn´t look any good i decided to wash it off and do it again...

because of this extra wash and makeup i broke out very badly...i couldn´t believe that one mistake leads me to start all over again.

so be lucky that you only had one pimple...and to be honest: when this one was on your chin and/or a deep one then it was hormonal anyway. even the toughest veterans describe one occasional pimple now and then. the worst is for girls as we can be sure that we will get it...

don´t worry! only one pimple is NOTHING! be happy that it didn´t come worse...just continue to do your regimen and you will be fine.

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You're far too early in. You'll still get breakouts and the occasional pimple within the first few months. It's not miracle cream that makes it impossible for you to get a pimple. I'm on week 5 and still get pimples every so often.. but once you get to 3-5 months in.. they just become incredibly rare. I wouldn't worry about things like this just yet.. 1 week is still so incredibly early.

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