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how to know which foods break you out?

I know that people have certain foods that just break them out but i was wondering how to figure that out? because you have so much food in one day that you never know what is exactly breaking you out... so i was just wondering because i cut sweets, soda, and most dairy, and that helped alot but im still getting breakouts and i want to know what foods might be causing it.

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That's a really tough call. Most people blame it on certain foods, but they will never know for sure. What's to say food actually has any affect at all? Maybe one breaks out from eating certain things purely by coincidence? Maybe you ate some chocolate one day and broke out in a few days later due to something unrelated that you hadn't thought? Just try your best to cut out sweets, fast food, refined foods, and general unhealthy stuff- It's just better for you in the long run. Are these foods directly causing your acne? I highly doubt it.

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Elimination diets are the way to go but even then its pretty hard to be 100% sure.

There are one or 2 foods that I know for sure I am allergic to and I know for sure they will break me out, I also know that excess sugar or carbs will break me out for sure.

There are certain foods which im still not completely sure on though, like soy, shellfish and gluten. I think they might be messing up my skin but its hard to know for sure so I avoid them anyway just incase, but whenever I get a window of opportunity (when I havent got any important events coming up) to test them I will do so

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One thing I'd add though, if you want to specifically remove any food, do it only if you notice bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation, etc etc.

No. I notice no other symptoms from the food that causes me to break out in cysts. You should, of course, avoid all foods that cause you digestion issues, but not only those foods. There are all kinds of delayed reaction symptoms that foods could be causing like fatigue, headache, asthma and acne.

Post with info and links on food intolerances, the different types of intolerances and possible symptoms and elimination diets:


To the OP: Also, browse the rest of the thread for info on other factors that contribute to the development of acne.

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