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I hate the new moisturizer

The old moisturizer stayed on my skin through the whole day, it started drying up around 8-10 hours.

This new stuff dries up on my face after maybe 2 hours at best. For most of the day I basically have nothing on, my skin is all dry.

I also wasn't impressed the bottles leaked in shipping and couldn't figure out how to use the pump mechanism for a good 5 minutes!

My acne is more active than usual now, which I must attribute to this. I've been following the regimen same as always, but used the new moisturizer for the last couple weeks.

Why was it changed? Can we get the old stuff back?

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I'm sorry you're not happy right now. The new moisturizer needs to be used very generously. Use as much of it as you do the bp. If you need to, you can also add some extra jojoba oil.

If you will send an email to [email protected] our customer support person can help with the bottles leaking.

Here's the explanation of why the moisturizer was changed. http://www.acne.org/blog/2010/09/18/import...ew-moisturizer/

Hope that helps.

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Oh. I liked having glycerin, it keeps the skin feeling smooth for a long time and never caused any redness for me. The "tack" left behind is fine as long as not disturbed, which was just extra incentive not to touch my face. :)

I've been using 3 pumps of the new moisturizer. (I sense that the new bottles pump out a bit smaller amount than the old ones?) It gets absorbed very fast and doesn't last. :( I look forward to getting the old stuff back if there is an option and will message the support asking if they have any left thanks.

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