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Hi everyone!

I've been a quiet reader of this board for awhile and finally decided to join so I could keep track of my experiences on the regimen and talk with others about theirs. This place has a brought me a lot of comfort when I've been especially frustrated or depressed about my skin over the past year.

I'm a female in my late 20s and developed mild acne starting about halfway through high school. It got a little worse in college and then has come and gone ever since. I've tried SO many different things throughout the years to varying degrees of success. I'll admit, some of them I did not stick with for very long, but for the last few years I've been much more diligent about trying something for a good 4-5 months or so before passing judgement. Certain things have gotten me really clear at points but nothing has kept me clear. Regular BP use has been the only thing that's really helped with larger breakouts so I thought I'd try out the regimen. My cheeks and forehead are generally clear with the occasional breakout and my nose often has lots of little clogged pores. My chin has always been my biggest problem and I've gone from a pretty pleasantly clear summer to a mess over the past month or so. The azelex and retin-a that had mostly worked over the summer (aside from an occasional big one every so often) seemed to stop working come fall.

I'm on day 11 of the regimen and I've been alternating between being determined to stick to it and wanting to quit. At first it seemed to clear up my chin and the few other random blemishes on my face pretty quickly, but by the end of the first week I started breaking out on my chin again. As my second week on the regimen has gone by, I've noticed all of the small clogged pores on my chin are started to purge like crazy. They're the sort of bumps you can't really see unless I pull the skin on my chin taut but they've been turning into inflamed pimples. These have been lingering under my skin for MONTHS so I keep telling myself they were bound to pop up anyways and I might as well speed up the process. My skin has also become incredibly dry, tight, flaky, and leathery--which often happens as the weather turns colder anyways (though not to this extent).

About my regimen: I'm currently at half a finger of BP morning and night and have been using 2 pumps of moisturizer with drops of jojoba oil both morning and night. I've been spot treating with AHA here and there as needed. All of the products I'm using are Dan's. I also take my bc pill, zinc, fish oil, and a multivitamin every day.

I'm a little worried because I got a small pimple right between my eyebrows last night and I haven't broken out in that spot for over a year. I'm hoping very much this isn't a preview of things to come--it's easier to accept that my chin has been breaking out worse because it's always been a problem area but a part of me is worried that this regimen is somehow going to create new problem areas, which I'm not sure I can mentally handle! I'm also a bit sad that the nice skin texture the azelex and retin-a had given me is now gone (though i think that improvement also had to do with the summer weather).

I suppose I'm mostly worried because when I have a breakout it usually clears up in a week or two and then I enjoy clear skin for awhile. But even if I can go a month with clear skin the chin cysts and random breakouts always come back. I'm hoping this will help stop this cycle--or at least prolong the clear periods. Am I hoping for too much from this....?

Ok that was far longer than I intended--thanks to anyone who happened to be curious enough to read this. Hopefully keeping this log will be useful as I embark on this experiment!

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Hey there!

You seemed to have started your log at a good moment, there are a few others of us here in our late twenties/early thirties who are also keeping logs, so we can help each other out!

My acne sounds very very similar to yours, mostly located on my chin and on either side of my mouth, and jawline.

The first few weeks are tough but I really recommend sticking with it at least a month. I didn't see many results by week 2 but my week 4 results were phenomenal.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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hi you,

yes...americaninparis is right: welcome in the "chin-pimple-late20ties/early30ties-hormonal-acne-club" ( damn, this club has a really loooong name :shifty: maybe we should think about another name ;-) )

i´m happy that you finally decided writing more about yourself.

i had those strange moment with bpo too ....as i got pimples where i normally never had any. that´s because your skin is veeeeeeeery irritated in the beginning. so in the bpo-case it´s not only irritated on the usual places anymore but EVERYWHERE... :cry:

but at the point when your skin gets used to bpo you can be sure the only areas you have to deal with are the usual.

we all stick with our plan now! don´t give up....your acne sounds exactly like mine...indeed...you know my acne very well :shifty:

i do have the feeling that now...day nr 21....my acne starts to heal (but it hasn´t been over jet..the period pimple is doomed to come soon).

so first week it sort of cleared but i had a very red face...then...because of the redness my face was so irritated that it broke out again and then ...for some reason...my skin was not red anymore and the pimples started to go away as well.

i think what you need to do is to wait until the "beginning"-time is over...and only then count the days...as now there still is:

1. to little bpo in the beginning for improvements (as we have to start with little)

2. super irritated skin in the beginning to get used to bpo (<that was the worst part...pimples AND red skin!)

3. new breakouts everywhere because of it

...but in the moment your redness stops and you can finally use the full amount of bpo you should start to see results. so you are still very much in the beginning! don´t give up...we all went through this and now you can see that americaninparis only has to worry about one single period pimple...or my skin starts to get better too...

let´s all do this together...

let´s get rid of the chinpimples!!!

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Thanks americaninparis and pickpock! Both of you were definitely inspirations for me to stick with the regimen and start my own log. If I have to be a member of pickpock's hilariously named ""chin-pimple-late20ties/early30ties-hormonal-acne-club" I'm at least happy to be in it with supportive, lovely ladies like you!

I'm both excited and nervous about bumping up to the full amount of BP. I can't wait for the pimple-fighting power of a full finger, but I don't know if I can stand to get even drier than I am now!

Oh and I forgot to mention that I've become a pretty terrible picker/popper at times over the past year. :naughty: I'm trying REALLY hard to squeeze (gently!) only when there's a really obvious whitehead. I've given myself some unsightly scabs and scars in the past and I know I'm only making my skin worse in the long run. I just can't stand the feeling of an active pimple on my face. It's bad, I know, but I'm determined to cut it out.

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Umm about that not picking thing....I woke up with a decent-sized whitehead that was very easily popped and another flatter one next to it that I really should have left alone. The one I should have left alone was still too much under the skin and I made it quite red trying to get out that little plug of white buried down there. Sigh. Though the other one was definitely ready to go and I tried to be very gentle with it. I thought it was going to be one of those deep under-the-skin spots that takes forever to come to a head or just shrink back down, but it came to a head almost within a day. Maybe that's thanks to the regimen? I just hope it heals that fast too.

I'm DYING to try the AHA as a moisturizer at night (I currently only use it as a spot treatment) because my flakes are out of control. But I know I should probably get up to the full amount of BP first before I start messing with that. Dealing with acne is so much about patience....must find more of that!

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oh yes...the patience thing...i don´t have this either. normally you do something and then you get a result. here: you don´t even know that you will ever get a result...but you hope so...

hmmm, about your pimple popping: to be honest> when a pimple is ripe i pop it. i did notice that if i don´t do it the pimple only gets bigger, it will open itself when i clean my face and then it will close again and will get infected again as the pus didn´t get fully out of this thing. when i pop it all of the stuff comes out, i have the chance to actually desinfect this empty thing and normally its dry on the next day and only looks weird in the moment i popped it. the key is to only pop the ripe pimples in the right way and to only do it when you know you can desinfect it straight away and do the complete regimen afterwards. so if i know i have to pop a pimple i always wait until i do my next regimen. normally those ones never came back or caused any harm.

so don´t feel to bad about yourself as i do think that popping a pimple which is already open anyway is not such a bad thing...

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Thanks for your reassuring words pickpock! As of tonight I've been on the regimen for a full two weeks. It's hard to tell if my skin is better or worse off than when I started. I do feel like most of the clogged pores on my chin that I started the regimen with have now purged--there are only a few left that I'm PRAYING do not turn inflamed like so many of them did. I have three dying spots on my chin (one was a spot that came back after I had popped it the first time--oops). I'm just hoping that once all the clogged pores I already had are gone, no more pop up in their place! And if more do pop up, I hope the regimen will get rid of them before they turn into full-blown inflamed pimples.

The rest of my skin seems to be clear but is still very, very flaky and tight. I'd like to try the jojoba exfoliation method but I'm worried about irritating my skin. I'm still having doubts at least once a day about if I'm doing the right thing for my particular skin problems, but I'll definitely keep with it longer since I'm not even clear yet. I'm going to bump up the bp to about 3/4 finger this week and see how it goes.

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Ugh, I have another new small pimple on my forehead! I don't think I've gotten a pimple on my forehead for over a year and I've gotten two in the past week. When I get pimples in areas that have been clear for a long time I seriously start to doubt if the regimen is a good idea for me.....Is it possible that the regimen is too irritating for my clear areas and that's what's breaking me out?

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Hi Revelry!

I definitely get pimples in other areas from time to time (especially on or around my nose) but my chin is definitely the worst. I sort of figured if I was going to treat my chin I might as well treat everything else, but now I'm starting to second guess myself. Maybe I should just be using less bp since I don't need to treat the rest of my face as heavily as my chin....

My face is developing a weird reddish-orange tan to it which is really unfortunate. I know a few others have had this problem but I just hope it starts to fade as the weeks go by!

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So it's officially been three weeks on the regimen. In the past few days I developed two big pustules on my cheeks, which is almost completely unheard of for me. I also have a stubborn red bump on my forehead that won't go away and won't come to a head. I've decided to stop applying bp on my cheeks altogether and only apply a very tiny bit to my forehead. I'll continue to use a lot around my mouth/chin area and a healthy amount on/around my nose. I'm really hoping this will get rid of all the irritation and insane flakiness on my cheeks/forehead, which is what I suspect is causing the pimples. I'm also hoping it'll stop my entire face from looking so tanned/red. I tried the jojoba exfoliation method once last week but it didn't seem to help the flaking much--also, I didn't like rubbing my skin so much, albeit gently.

I was wondering if Dan's bp is a lot more potent than others. Only because I used to smear Benzaclin all over my face twice a day and I didn't experience nearly as much irritation as I do now. I know someone else on the boards was thinking the same thing.

I think the hardest thing about doing this is constantly questioning if I'm doing everything right. Am I using too much/too little bp? Rubbing it in too hard? Is the jojoba exfoliation too irritating? Is the AHA as a spot treatment making things worse or better? Ahh! I should probably stop worrying about it so much--can't be good for the skin!

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Wow, it's been a long time! I've been depressed about my skin and I just couldn't bring myself to write about it. I've now been on the regimen for about 5.5 weeks. I stopped using BP on my cheeks and forehead altogether because those places wouldn't stop breaking out (from irritation I suspect) and they had never been problem areas for me before. But my cheeks are still suffering from the occasional blemish which is what is freaking me out the most because before all this I think I've gotten like 2 cheek pimples total in the past few years. Sigh.

I can't get the flakes under control either. In fact, they seem to be getting worse around my mouth. I've been using AHA every other night and Dan's moisturizer with jojoba oil the rest of the time. I tried using some of my old Complex 15 the other day to see if it would minimize the orange tint I get on my face during the day--it did help with that but I don't think it's thick enough for a winter moisturizer. I think it's probably time to switch to something else--maybe the Cetaphil lotion?

I'm entertaining the idea of going back to putting BP on my cheeks and forehead because I like the idea of being consistent with my whole face and preventing anything that MAY crop up in those areas. Those areas are so nice and smooth now that I've stopped the BP though! We'll see.

All I ever do is complain--Thanks to anyone that takes the time to listen! Even though I haven't written in awhile, I've still been on the board daily to keep up with everyone's progress. I'm so glad I'm not doing this alone!

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hi ohdear,

i can so understand you and we both sit in the same boat.

about the cetaphil lotion:

i bought it about a week ago as i always want to try new things to find out if they work even better then what i have found already...

at the moment i use a combination...for some reason this works wonders (so if i do get red...about once a week...you know my story) i moisturise more often with those products AND jojoba oil.

my base creme is eucerin replenishing creme urea 5% BODY cream (<for some reason it has BETTER ingrediences then the face creme and is much much more effective)

and for spf i use botanics pore perfecting lotion on top of this...but this is only available here in uk so i can´t really recommend it...

the CETAPHIL lotion i tried as well as i read so many good comments about it...and as you seem to have a quite similar skin like me i can´t recommend it :doubt: . the problem with this lotion is NOT that it breaks you out BUT for some reason it has a very strange texure and it felt like it took moist away...can´t explain.

so when you put it on your face you will notice that you have a very thick strange white film in your face...like very thick and dry toothpaste and then you move it around and it stucks and it feels like it sticks to your face...but you still have this ugly white film on your face.

so you need to rub more etc...

it took me ages to finally got it soaked in...but it felt like i had dry skin underneath a thick layer of this cream...so my face felt dry but greasy...and it got redder and redder on this day until i couldn´t bear it anymore and used the eucerin creme on top of it to get my redness in control (<so basicly my eucerin creme is always helping me out again when i made a new experiment with a new creme).

unfortunately i haven´t found anything better...

so i can´t recommend cetaphil when you still have problems with very dry and irritated skin. it might be alright when your skin can hendle a bit more but as long as it´s too dry it won´t soak the creme up.

i realised with my self tests that if i get so red it not always the fat which is missing....it´s very much the water/moist of the skin as well...as sometimes i can put as much jojobaoil as i want on my face it still gets red, irritated and dry BUT if you use moisturiser which gives moist and fat my skin soaks it like crazy. it is so much acutally with the water thing that my skin takes all of the water i put in my face within sekonds...it soaks the water :eh: but sometimes the fat just stays at the surface...

maybe the cetaphil lotion is too fatty and we need more moist/water (whatever it is)...

about your irritation:

well...it´s said irritated skin is acne prone skin...and we made our ENTIRE face to acne prone skin with using bpo everywhere.

i started to do it like this now:

i use the half amount and put it all on the underpart of my face...when its nearly soaked a take a bit of it and creme it a little bit in the non-acne areas (so that there is still a tiny bit of bpo but not much).

i figured out now (i will write about this in my post as well :redface: ) that this might be the missing piece in the puzzle as my redness goes away on these areas and they are still a little bit covered wit bpo...

we will see...

keep us posted!!!!

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