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Hello. I have bad acne, and it has been going on for 4 or 5 years. I have done all the minocycline and retina etc. and had seen no results. So I just started going to a Derm, and he prescribed Accutane, then said I was getting the generic Amnesteem, and when I got it filled it was Sotret. I know these are all supposed to be the same, so ok. Anyway, he put me on 40 mg once a day. And I know most people are on twice a day, and I was wondering if anyone else has taken it once a day, and why. Because I want him to put me on twice a day, but he has set up a meeting for two months from now...I started 2 weeks ago. Thanks

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Rule of thumb is 1mg of Accutane for 1kg of body weight for 4-5 months. For example, if you weighed 130 pounds (about 60kg), you would normally be on 60mg of Accutane per day for about four months.

I weigh 150 pounds (about 70kg) and was on 40mg/day. The Accutane worked great then. The daily dosage isn't as important as the total cumulative dosage.

Your dermatologist is probably doing the prudent thing by starting you off at 40mg/day. The side effects will be reduced, and the dreaded 'initial breakout' might be mitigated. I imagine that in two months, he will increase your dosage to an amount commensurate with your weight.

If I were you, I'd try to see your dermatologist again in one month (two months is an awful long time if you're taking a drug as serious as Accutane).

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