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Hello all, i was on accutane for a month at 40mg, but that caused me constipation so my derm lowered it to 40mg every other day. He seems to not think of my abdominal distention / bloating and constipation as a big deal. I have upped my water and fiber intake which has made me a lot more regular. Also, i would say i get #3 (if u know what i mean) maybe once or twice a week. Is this a bigger deal ? I have seen that accutane IBD commercial so many times i wanna throw the remote at the T.V. Maybe thats just too much judge Judy.

yesterday really freaked me out ! i had 2 BM and both had some parts black in them....

i meet with my derm in a week, anything i should tell him in particular. first off, im not good with people and talking about poop in person but ill try. lol

anyway thanks,


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pistolpete- It is really hard to say, U.C./Chron's/Gerd/Ulcers/diverticulosis can take years to sometimes show or to start causing horrible problems.

it may be that you are just constipated from Accutane which Constipation can cause diverticulosis. Some have issues and it turns into diverticulitis. Some never know they have it and some it takes years and then they find out.

I would continue with the fiber, water, see your physican and maybe discuss lowering your dose.

Good Luck

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