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tony french

BP application theory 101

I started on the regimen about 2 months ago and i love it...I love the razor dan recommends too, i used to shave with an electric, total crap..anyways im wondering if anyone has ever thought of my following theory:

I know Dan says to wash off bp every 12 and reapply but what about reapplying every twelve hours but not bothering to wash it off first...my theory is that you need to reapply because the bp is absorbed and losses its strength so you wash it off and reapply, what about just reapplying more right over top...

Basically i want to wake up in the morning and shower and do the regimen and then at night not have to wash my face, just reapply and moisturize and go to bed... It almost seems like it would work better because you are irritating less because you are only washing once every 24 hours and you basically have double the strength when you go to bed because you didn't wash the previous stuff off...and i mean if bp kills the acne bacteria your face should not even need cleansing at night in the first place, just reapply bp over top.....what do you people think? This would help save on the cleanser too which is what i actually use the most because i use it as shampoo and to shave as well, and by the way Dans cleanser is the best i have ever used especially as a shampoo...Anything i have used to wash my hair in the last 10 years has broken out my scalp, except for Dans Cleanser!!

Does anybody think this theory would work...

Oh and what about touch ups of bp over the moisturizer during the day does this work? For example what if you shower and then moisturize and then BP will you get the same effect? has anybody tried this?



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Cleansing to remove the oil and product that's built up on your skin over the day helps allow the BP to absorb more fully so that it can kill off acne bacteria more effectively.

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I feel like the BP will not absorb as well if you apply it after the moisturizer. I am using the full two pumps of moisturizer, and although most of it absorbs in 10-15 minutes, it takes an hour or more to completely absorb into my skin. Perhaps that would hinder absorption of the BP.

I'm still a regimen newbie though!

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