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College Life for a Guy

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Here he goes again. I am originally from Upstate New York, in Albany if anyone knows of it. Graduated high school back in May, and now spent my first summer at college down in Daytona Beach.

Finally the semester is over and I can relax for about 10 days before I go back to class. Outstanding. I will admit I had my jitters, starting almost a whole new life, moving on in this fast paced world as an "adult". Alot of teens, especially a few of my friends, couldn't comprehend the overall picture. All of them are staying around home, while I made a 1300 mile trip to the south. They were nervous and I was nervous, more about myself then about the complexity of college life.

If you meet me anytime on the street, I usually will smile back, give you a hearty handshake or a huge bear hug, and be very talkative. I am laid back, relaxed, usually just going with the flow. Even though I moved, I am still a proud Master Bear Builder at Build A Bear Workshop. Now everyone knows that not alot of guys work at Build A Bear, but like I always say, just have fun.

OK now I am finally at college. Well, in my apartment, as I have already moved off campus after 6 weeks of dorm life. I know I am missin out but I need to be independent and on my own. Its a Mikey thing.

Back to the story about college. I was more worried about going to college because of the way I look. Not my weight, not my hair, not my body type or nothing. My face. Being an 18 year old (now single) guy hitting the college scene, I had my reservations. I remember staring into the mirror just six weeks ago from today, wondering what people would think of my pimples.

Now I know alot of people have it worse than me, because my doc considers me extremely mild. I get the occasional pimple, or groups of pimple, especially around my chin area. Most of my face is under control but the hot zone is definitely my chin. I would literally just sit in front of my mirror for about 5 minutes after I shaved or washed my face, just wondering if these pimples would go away. I would put my clindamycin cream on and hope for the best.

Finally the day came and I had my first college class. Everyone seemed cool, including my meteorology professor. Remarkably, I made it through two classes unscathed and with a couple of new friends.

What finally shocked me was what happened next. We sat down in the huge cafeteria and the girls we were with started to talk about acne and how they were dealing with it. I was amazed about how open everyone was after they started to talk about it. Here I am, a guy who will do almost anything for a good time or a good laugh, and I find myself extremely nervous about the topic. I finally got up the courage and joined in the convo, only to see that they were normal teenagers with the understanding that everyone gets pimples.

RELIEF is a great word. Now I am here, done with my first semester, justa chillen in my room writing this, and I still have the occassional pimple. However, the guy on the other side of the mirror has changed. I still put on my clindamycin cream and I still wash my face. The new found confidence definitely helps. Now if only I can pass my Army physical fitness test.

Have a great night and remember to have some fun in life!


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I found your story to be so extremelly inspiring, especially to me - it really hits home! I am going to college in one month, and all I can think about is "what if i break out (from my accutane) and get all these pimples and have no friends AHH!" tongue.gif Haha, my thoughts are irrational i know, (and i know i'll have friends but... you know what i'm feeling). It is SOOOO great to hear that you went to college with acne and it wasn't a big issue at all, and that there IS hope and you aren't alone. Thank you so much!

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thanks man! I was worried about how acne would be in college, I am starting college in about a month!

I'd like to ask you about the clindamycin you're using, does it really work? my doctor prescribedit to me and told me to apply it as soon as I see a pimple growing, does it really affect the growth?

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Yea, the clindamycin cream does work, alot better than just some of the OTC stuff. My doc told me to use it twice a day, because it helps keep the moisture levels of my skin at a good level. Listen to what your doc says and follow his advice. Of course you will get that occasional stubborn breakout, but the intensity/severity of it isn't at all bad, and they usually don't go to that "full blown" stage. As we all know, everyone's body is different, and how we react will be different. Have fun at college and don't be afraid to say "whats up" to all the gals. Cheers!

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Damn Mikey. You really are laid back. Seriously, i dont think i can say that ive enjoyed a post on this forum more then yours since ive been here.

Im moving out of my house at the end of the month, to the big city. Ill be living on my own in an apartment. Im not sure what my plans are for college as of yet but i plan on living life to the fullest when i move and taking everything in. I want to make new friends, have new experiences and learn new things.

I cant wait! Was it wierd going to bed the first night in your own place with no one around?

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I was in the dorms for basically the whole Summer B semester as they know it down here. Being from the North and moving to the South, you have to get accustomed to alot of things, especially most Southerners thinking they have it over on us Northerners, especially me being from New York, the land of 3 feet of snow every single day.

Anywho, I was in the dorms with a transfer student from UCF. I brought the idea to him about getting our own place, since he is 20 and had already had an apartment. He was more than thrilled about the idea, seeing he didn't have to go looking for a roommate, a reliable one at that because he had already been living with me for a good month. He knew my schedule and I knew his.

What surprised me was that I learned he was on Accutane, and happened to just get off of it last week. So not only were we compatible in school and the things we did on a daily basis, we had our medical history very much alike. He often questioned me about what it was like being off of it for a year, and occasionally complained about losing his hair.

We are both pilots, and now he has finally been cleared to get his FAA Class II medical now being off of the Tane. So he is now the one getting up at 0530 for his early flights and I get to be the one to sleep in.

Sleeping in my own bed in my own place is like a dream come true. I am finally on my own, responsible for my own finances, my own internet, cable, and every other bill imaginable.

What really got to me was how much my parents "changed" once I moved out and went off to college. They were the ones paying for my acne treatments, since Accutane still had their patents back then. My mom was always the most concerned about how I look so I give alot of thanks to her for putting as much emphasis into it.

I would always leave every single light on in the house, and my mother would always ask if she had recently bought stock in the electric company. Now paying my own bills, I have invested in the electric company and now I watch my self.

Have a beartastic day! Cheers!


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Oh one more thing. Everyone starting Accutane before heading out of your humble abode, don't fret it at all. Most people you will meet at college, including some of the older folk...(cautiously those of us above the age of 35, don't hate me!) are on some type of acne treatment. No one can really escape it, and most of the fears you face going through middle and high school disappear on the college scene. Of course you'll run into those people who need to have the "perfect guy or girl", and usually they are the ones off campus not even in college. You'll meet them in the clubs. However, have fun with your life. Don't let the frowns slow you down. Push on and enjoy it.

Have a furbulous day! Cheers!


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