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i have the weirdest zits in the world!

My acne is mainly on my cheeks. like BAMMM!!.

my cheeks are always pinkish-reddish because of hyper pigmentation scars left from old pimples i never popped.

I used to only get whiteheads when i was younger but now i get these clumpy things on my cheek that i can't sleep on because they EASILY rub off.

when i shower i have to turn my face away from the water because even the low pressure of the shower would sratch the whiteheads off.. which leaves a red spot that stays for months

they basically look like this::

- white

clumped together

- texture is like snow and it literally looks like snow

its always ITCHY

- you can't pop it because it looks like DRIED PUSS!

my doctor won't give me accutane because she saws its not cystic :@

wtf.. is it. even my doctors have no clue and they always brush it off saying i dont wash my face

when i wash it 4 times a day.

right now i'm on bactrim/septra and diane35/dianette birth control pills. i've been on every other antibiotic since i was 14 [ i'm 17 now] and nothing is getting rid of these things on my cheeks.

any advice? all my derms told me to wash my face more often ( i already wash it enough) and they said it's all hormonal.

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