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Not absorbing Vitamin B? // How do you ex-foliate on accutane?

Hey two questions guys.

I bought some Vitamin B-100 complex tablets and took one today. Later in the day as i was peeing I excreted a light yellow/green colored urine (sort of like mountain dew). At first i didnt think twice about it but after drinking a lot of water and using the restroom again the same result happened. normally when i drink only water it is almost clear. i googled mountain dew colored urine and found out it can be a result of UTI, some drugs, and excess vitamin B. Im assuming its not a coincidence i got a UTI or anything especially with no symptoms so I can only assume it is because of excess vitamin B. Does anyone else experience this? Is it normal to piss neon green when you take vitamin B tablets (i took nature made balanced B-100 comlex)?

second question: my skin is super dry and everytime i wash my face i can see tons of dead skin just sitting there until i moisturize and it goes away temporarily. can you ex-foliate while you are on accutane to remove the dead skin? if so how do you do it??

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Ugh! I am having the same skin problem. I can't even think about wearing makeup (even though I still have tons of zits/scars) because it just makes the dryness look 10000x worse.

As far as the pee, when I start taking a B complex, my pee is bright bright bright neon yellow/orange and it stinks. I don't know about green, but I know it does funky things to your pee, that's for sure.

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I shave my face and it does an amazing job. Sometimes I even just take a razor and shave off little breakouts because they get really dry with all the dead skin. Makes it way easier to cover up.

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