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a week into regimen, too many zits?

I just finished my first week on regimen

and I love all of Dan's products.

But I've noticed that while my cysts are getting smaller and current pimples are getting less bumpy and red, I'm starting to get a lot more smaller zits.

And while it took few days for a red bump to form zit before, now it seems it only takes one night.

I thought BP don't cause initial breakout and I'm used to using BP in the past.

Maybe I have to start exfoliating by AHA or BHA?

Now my face is covered in white zits its sorta funny. lol

Is this a positive sign or bad? : 0

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Hang in there! It is fairly common to have a breakout around week two, and often again around week 5. The first few months can be a bit frustrating, but usually by the third month most people are very encouraged by their results. Make sure you are following the Regimen exactly, and check out the "what to expect" page. http://www.acne.org/whattoexpect.html

Hope that helps.

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i sta.rted the regimen with 5% bp and it made my face super red at first like a sunburn and even puffy under the eyes like i was swollen, this was for the first week at least, maybe 2 weeks and i was only applying a thin coating once a day...... very few people are allergic to bp it just takes some time for your skin to adapt...stick with it and i am sure you will be happy with the results....just use very little to begin with and moisturize like crazy!! I have had acne breakouts for 15 years couldn't find a solution until i found this website and started using dans products...dans products in my opinion are the best...you have barely just started the regimen... Your initial breakout is quite common I assure you that if you stick with the regimen exactly for the next 2 months your skin will be clear!!

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