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Finding a routine that works for YOU.Heres what I do


I am getting alot of messages asking what is my routine, and asking how I have had success. This worked for me...I cant guarentee it will work for others. My way conflicts with the way others do needling. But it works, and that all that matters.

Its no secret. What has worked has been a kind of journey to find the best mix-(for MY skin) and my lifestyle.

I use Copper peptides. (you must start with a weak solution and move to the strongest in time. I use the strongest and can 'feel' it working..

A cleanser with S acid.

A glycolic acid cream or gel or similar.

Dermabrasion cloth (order online-google it)

I use a few different moisturisers, depending on my daily needs.

I go the 'phases' a treatment phase lasting about 3 months, and a resting phase where I get a break.

During a treatment stage, I roll with a small .5 novaderm roller lightly daily with a bit of pressure on the cheeks.(problem area)

I use super CP x 2 afterwards with Emu Oil as a moisturiser/healer.

I avoid the glycolic while im raw too

Sunscreen daily.

Id minerals make up

Around once a week to 10 days, I get my bigger roller 1.5 and do my face- BUT only lightly I dont aim to draw blood, I aim to break up scar tissue to allow the CP to do its work.

I prefer to do it in the shower :) I prepare before hand(sterile) and then do the rolling when im about to get out. The skin is soft I can barley feel it, and everything is super clean, including my hair.

After the shower, I apply super CP cream and it STINGS. My skin looks sunburned. I use the smaller roller to even the redness out, so its not patchy. I do this on a day where I know I have nothing on, so I can sleep(good for healing) and allow the skin the heal. There is no real downtime.

The following day use sunscreen and keep using CPs, and go about life as normal.

I did this for about 6 months, took a 2 month break, then another 4 months, and a break, the break is for ME.

Also I tried NOT to look for improvment ;) thats a biggy. There is NOTHING better than seeing your reflction oneday and LOOKING for the scars. Wondering if the mirror is right or what???

Blue light- Is how I preapred my skin FOR needling. Killed off any bactieria... I dont understand how it hasnt worked for some..?? I guess hormonal breakouts might not respond to that therapy? I am surprised..I almost bought a machine to start a clinic...thats how much I believe in blue light therapy.

Taking someone elses advise, without also looking at the reasons for it, isnt smart. We need to take responsibitly for our skin, while getting ideas is awesome, and I do hope can help someone, I still think that nothing beats trying to really UNDERSTAND why we use these products, and what they do, and how the skin renewal process is accomplished.

For more info about CPs look at skin biology site. If you even CONSIDER buying it, read SB site first. Know what it is.

Goodluck!! and read up, google is your friend!!! If you need to ask anything Pm its fine.

Also realise that smoking doesnt assist healing, a healthy diet with no fast food, lots of water, and supplements are always good.

Excersise, laugh lots and stress less. Understand the reasons why the routine works.


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soo you've done this roughly a year it seems?

Would be great to know how much improvement, type of scars you have, pigmentation issues, color of your skin, etc.

Also if you could provide links to the types of dermarollers you mentioned.

I'd be interested in hearing your moisturizers you use as well...

I am personally interested in trying the .5 daily roller... seems good to have something like that to keep the skin alive.

Lots of people say mixed things about Copper Peptides... please provide where you buy them

How lightly do you go with the 1.5M roller? You just graze your skin I assume?

I have a question about rolling too in general... if you have a depressed line scar or ice pick or what have you... does the scar flatten in time or does it actually fill in?

Can you explain how and why you think copper peptides are also a good tool?

What about people that would prefer to stay on Retin A or Tazorac, can you follow this regimen while being on a topical retinoid?

Lastly, please tell us what you think is the absolute best part of your treatment.

Some ppl won't want to do CP's and some won't want to do rollers.

So any advice towards those things would probably help a lot.

P.S. The daily .5 roller, does it leave marks? Describe your process and reaction to that as well. ty.

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