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Starting Dan's BP on the regimen

So, I received my Ace.org BP on Wednesday, WOW such good service! I ordered the previous Tuesday, and I'm in New Zealand! I'm super impressed! =D

But yes, I've been using BP for probably 2-3 years, from Proactiv, to Clean and Clear, to Benzac AC. I've used Proactiv and Benzac the most, and Benzac the most recently. It works quite well for me, but it doesn't get me 100% clear. I've come to realize that my regimen has been way too harsh on my skin (Washing with 5% BP and then applying 5% BP gel afterwards), and have now started the Regimen. My skin is used to BP because of using it so long, especially with the 5%, which I attempted to do the regimen with the past week or two, but it just made my skin way way too dry and red applying so much.

So now, I have Dan's BP, and WOW ITS AMAZING! It feels so much lighter applying it to my skin, and it doesn't make my face red or dry or tight at all! Plus, it absorbs so quickly, but it's clear and more liquid than the Benzac, so it doesn't dry before I can get it in everywhere... So far so good! It's cleared up a pimple overnight (my skin is quite clear at the moment though).

So what I'm doing is,

- washing with ceptaphil gentle cleanser for 10-15 seconds, rinsing with warm (not hot) water

- pat dry with a towel, and then once my face is completely dry, I apply one full pump of BP gently all over my face.

- I then leave that to dry and carry on with whatever I need to do, and apply cetaphil moisturzing lotion whenever its completely dry

I'm doing this twice a day, and this evening was my third time doing it =D

Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong... I'll keep posting about how its going!

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Are you planning to increase the dosage over the next month or so to two pumps?

Hiya! =)

Well, my acne is quite mild, so I'm going to see how I go with one pump, and if I get clear with one pump I'll keep going that way, but if not, I'll probably increase my dosage gradually to two full pumps... =)

How has your experience been with the regimen? =D

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