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I'm a 14 year old girl suffering with acne!

and...its ruining me!

i don't mean to sound so dramatic, but truely it really is!

everyday i feel the same ugly! I hate going to school,

today i faked a sicky because i did'nt want to be seen.. anywhere

M freinds they're just so perfect in so many ways, i dread seeing them it makes me feel so bad about myself, and the best thing is some of them comment on my skin saying

"i dont know how you can walk around with that on your face i couldn't do it"

"aww your skin looks so dry"

"ehh you need to pop that pimple"

little things like that! and i can see them everytime i talk to them their eyes wander all around my face!

these little things just build up inside, until i can't take it anymore, i just cry and cry and cry until theres no more tears, my family thinks i'm crazy

no-one understands, they don't know what its like till they get it!

i'm just sick of everything i just want to sleep till everythings better!

the only time im happy is when i am asleep!

i've tried not eating.. so it'll go away

i've tried drinking 2-3-4 litres of water!

i've tried countless cleansers and spot treatments!

and nothing seems to work

like i have a day when my skin feels and looks great! and i wake up the next morning there 20 more YAY!

i have them on the most visible part on my face! my cheeks and forhead

my skin was fine 3 days ago and i woke up this morning with 50 on my whole face!

i really can't write everything down, but i just need someone to talk to!

thankyou for reading x

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have you asked your parents to take you to a dermatologist??

you do sound depressed since you say youre only happy when you sleep.

i hope you find some hope my friend.

please let your parents know how you're feeling about things.

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MADS they do not really like the sound very good friend, if I call "Friends" and people say I about my skin then i will bitch slap them :lol:

It does not like your illness is very sympathetic to the voice of your family, your mother or father has never been acne? Do you have brothers and sisters have?

I can understand that you never want to see, I think that some days too (today happens to be one of them) it will be good, if the whole world is blind, when this happens, but you can not change it Unfortunately,

You should see dermatalogist, there must be some good one in Australia and see if you can get there retinoic acid as this may be the best treatment, you are young, but once you are done, maybe your skin will improve adolescence, just take (more than wash, do not pick) good care of it and try and think positive (easier said than done, I know that)

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Hey sorry that you feel the way you do.... I can say, try your best not to let people who comment on your acne get to you. Think of it this way, you're only 14 years old and got acne early, so in a few years with the right treatments (make sure you visit a dermatologist) it will all be over with and your "friends" will probably just be getting their acne. Don't lose your personality, try to stay outgoing, no one thinks you're ugly, just the acne itself, it's not your fault and you shouldn't change who you are over it. 100% go see ur derm ASAP though. Good luck!

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