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My Accutane Journey...thus far, personally kinda hard to believe!!!!!!!!!

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Well, I'm on my second course of accutane. The first time I took accutane was back in 2008 for about 5 months...I was pleased with the outcome of my journey, but as some expect, my acne came back. The acne would take over my face, and then clear within a couple of days.

So now, I finally decided to resort to accutane about 6 days ago, but before doing so...I figured I'd try a few more things with hopes of clearing my skin, without the assistance of accutane....which failed, miserably. I tried vichy(normaderm), which was the worst mistake of my life, considering that I've always depended on cetaphil...I only tried Vichy because I felt that cetaphil was failing me, but maybe it was because I was tres impatient.

Anyhow, so I just started my second course of accutane. I'm on 40 mg a day, and I promise you, my skin cleared about 70%. A couple of fading pimples which are barely noticeable, and very very mild scaring on my cheeks from major dryness, but again, something that goes unnoticed. For the dryness, I'm using Eucerin replenishing face cream with 5% Urea plus lactate for dry to very dry tight facial skin, and I find it to be the best thing for the dryness of my skin. The only side effects I'm facing right now are constant nose bleeding in result of dryness, constant headaches, and my lips are dry, but not as dry on my first round of accutane. Nonetheless, I do hope that these are the only side effects I'll have, because on my first course I had horrible back/joint pain.

I've never seen change in my skin so fast, it's actually pretty scary....really scary. And in regards to face washes, I'm back to my cetaphil, and I cherish it.

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