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Flushing when tired

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So, my girlfriend was telling me how her face gets really flushed, red, and warm before bed and it seems like only when she's tired and ready for bed. I witnessed it myself and now we're both wondering what causes this. Anyone else ever heard of this or know what could possibly cause this? Thanks in advance.

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Does sound like classic Rosacea Type 1- symptoms are redness, flushing with burning or hot sensations. Warm - hot showers can easilly trigger Rosacea flushing, as can other things like heavy exercise, alcohol, spicy foods, warm rooms/temps, tiredness, hot temp foods, sun etc Triggers vary for each Rosacean. Mine particulary is prone to flaring up mid-late afternoons and evenings during Summer especially.

Rosacea is often gentically inherited, but can also be induced by medications (i.e. Accutane), prescription topicals (i.e. retina-A or steroid cream), harsh cleansers (i.e. BP), sun, or stress etc

Here is some links for further info. Your GF should see a dermatologist if she is concerned about it so that a proper diagnosis can be obtained.




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Hmmmm, thanks, we appreciate it. Definetly think she should see a derm too but she says no haha. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get her to go eventually haha. Thanks again!

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