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Apple Cider Vinegar & BP

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Hey guys I'm pretty new to using creams and products to remove my acne and in my research of it I saw that apple cider vinegar is praised a lot to help with acne. I started using it about a month ago and saw some pretty good results. It works really well against existing acne and marks left by acne. However what I noticed is that it doesn't help to prevent future acne or it at least hasn't worked for me.

I've been pretty frustrated by the whole process and have just started going back to using BP cream again. I just wanted to know is there anyone out there that uses a combo of both ACV and BP? Is this bad to do?

When I was using ACV, I didn't moisturize afterwards which makes me wonder if that was the cause of my sudden acne outbreak. When I add BP cream I always moisturize. I prefer using ACV over BP, just because it's cheaper and easier to add to my face, but if ACV won't work to prevent future acne then what's the point? I will probably still use ACV to remove existing acne because I think it works much faster and better than BP.

I just want some advice on using ACV and preventing future acne with it. If I can eliminate using BP altogether that would be great.

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i used to exfoilate with baking soda, and apply diluted ACV with a cotton ball (i usually fill the lid up half way with ACV, and add in water, its just faster and easier)

It didn't PREVENT acne, at least, not in a way that i would notice, and i never noticed until i stopped, but it really helps with fading red marks, not completely, but fade them enough to not be red or really noticable.

pimples themself went away faster, and i only got whiteheads/really small zits instead of big painful nodules and cysts (except around my period)

But i still had acne, i used it for around 4-5 months i think, and i only had like a week of clear skin all together (like, one day every few weeks)

Hope i helped.

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