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Help, how to deal with this along with Sports!

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I've been browsing these forums, and reading all the reviews for quite some time and have built up a knowledge of acne but sadly have not found what works for me yet :/. I just got done with football, and like i expected i'm pretty well covered with pimples and zits. The worst is right in the crease of my chin (football chinstrap). I get the pimple here and there around my sideburns which doesn't bother me but I also get alot around my bottom jawline and even some right between my eyes on my upper nose, and my forehead too. Anyways, I keep on getting 2 or 3 zits in the same place right on my chin that are normally huge and yellowish and sometimes scab over. I wash once in the morning and at night, sometimes i use a baking soda wash, and i've just started using lemon juice at night too. I'm going to be starting basketball in a week and i know i should wipe my face whenever, rinse it when i go to get a drink, etc. I was wondering if i could get some help in general with dealing with these zits everyday, and just if there are any products you think I really should check out. I generally shower twice a day, before school, after gym, and sometimes 3 if i workout after school. I forgot to mention that i do have oily skin, which doesn't bother me as much as the acne. Any help that you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated :)


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