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Chances on getting Accutane (Picture)

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So here is the back story. I've been going to this one dermatologist for almost a year now and haven't seen any improvement at all. I only visited him about 4 or 5 times since I've started. He basically said that if one medication doesn't work just call him up and he'll call in a new medication for me instead of me having to go in for an appointment to see him, which in one aspect is good since I don't have to worry about co-pay but he is very cold. When I did see him he would only glance at my skin and not really look at it. The appointments lasted 5 minutes tops and my last appointment I had a ton of acne still on my face, he looked at me and said "the skin is looking good, you won't need to come in for appointments anymore" I finally am deciding to change derms cause I just feel like he doesn't care about me clearing up my skin and I want a dermatologist who I feel comfortable with. When I go to my next derm I plan to tell him that I want to take accutane, here are my stats:

Age: 20

When did acne first start showing: 10

What I've used: Acne Free, Oxy, benzyl peroxide, Dan's Regimine for around 5 months, duac + Doxy 50mg for 5 months, doxy 100mg + retin a .01 for 5 months. None of these medications helped my acne.

Cleanser: Cetaphil. I use in the morning and night and I blot my skin with blotting sheets throughout the day because I have oily skin. Also sometimes my skin produces these hard oil balls that come out of my pores.

I've basically tried everything with foods and keeping your face clean. I tried fish oil, cutting out diary, drinking a lot of water, getting enough sleep, changing my pillows every week, cleaning my cell phone, driking lemon juice in the morning and night - all those natural remedies but that didn't help.

I've included some pictures just to show how my skin is right now. I used my camera phone so the picture isn't the best quality but it'll give you an example of how my face is:


So what do you think my chances are?

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