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Hi, my name is Diana, and I am 43, female, and I have had the worst year of my life with acne. Today marks my day 1 on the Amnesteem (Isotretinoin).

I just came from the dermatologist where I had one scar *fixed*. I now have a bandage on my cheek that I have to live with for 1 week until that comes off, and the suture removed.

I am just beginning my journey and I am asking for support from anyone like me, who is in this predicament. It would be great to have someone to talk to who has experienced this also.

This is the most embarassing thing I have ever gone through, and I want to come out of hiding and join the rest of the world!

Thanks and good luck to all!

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Just wanted to drop you a note to say that you are not alone. I will be 45 is a few weeks time and I am about to start my first course of roaccutane on Tuesday. I too have battled acne on and off for years, if fact since I was 13, but it fortunately never got severe enough to warrant taking roaccutane, I used to be able to keep in under control with good skin care, diet and the occasional course of anti-biotics. When I was younger my mum used to buy me clearasil, take me to my GP to get some white gloopy stuff to put on the spots at night, and tell me that I would eventually grow out of it, but I never did. About three years ago my acne exploded with a passion. I went to see my GP and over the last 3 years have tried every type of anti-biotic and lotion and potion available. I finally said enough and had my GP refer me to a dermatologist. I am based in the UK and because of the long waiting times we have for NHS appointments I decided to go private because I wanted to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Anyway the result is that I have been prescribed a 9 month course of 30mgs of Roaccutane and as I mentioned start on Tuesday.

Ifeel like I must be the older 'teenager 'in the world. I haven't come across anyone else my age still battling acne.

Good luck with your treatment.

Best wishes


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