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High-Altitudes and Acne?

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Hello Everyone, I have lived at or near sea-level my entire life. Last fall I moved to the mountains and now live at about 5,800ft and work at over 7,000ft. The winters are freezing and snow covers the ground here 6 months of the year. Since there is zero humidity in the mountains and a much higher propensity of burning due to sun exposure, I have begun to ponder whether the climate is exacerbating my acne.

I have always battled with acne problems, getting on hormone therapy at a young age. For years I would have minimal breakouts even without washing my face regularly or EVER moisturizing (as awful as that sounds to me nowadays) Now? My face pours out oil. I could blot twice daily and still look oily. My makeup will become lifted from the oil permeating up from underneath and blotting usually will take my makeup right off. I just stopped using bare minerals after 3+ years of use because I think it's making my skin oilier. It's weird - almost as though the chemistry between my skin and the bare minerals has changed over time.

I now wash and moisturize twice per day, alternating between DDF Salicylic Acid Wash 2% and DDF Acne Scrub Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% and then I apply Cetaphil Moisturizing Creme. I recently found a tube of BP 5% laying around so I have integrated that into my routine. I slather a good layer of that on my problem areas and by morning the overall size and redness has diminished significantly. Once a week I use the DDF Sulfer Mask and it really helps bring deep red bumps to a head (as well as speed healing)

I feel like the products I use are simply a bandage, a quick fix. I may never find what has made my acne flare up so badly in recent years, but every day is an uphill battle.

Anyone who can shed some light on living at altitude would be great. Any product recommendations for extremely dry and oily skin? Emu or Jojoba Oil? Anything would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all!

<3 Dana

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