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Proffesional Advice & Help from Veterans of Acne

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Hi all,

I am in a very precarious situation at present and would very much appreciate the time and effort to analysise my situation and provide helpfull advice and feedback.

Basically about a month ago I recently started a routine which included Panoxyl AquaGel 2.5%, I have since seen an improvement and am carrying on with my routine. However I am not 100% satisfied with this 'Treatment' and would like to better understand the reasons why I suddenly started getting a 'larger' oubreak of spots in the first place.

Im a bodybuilder first of all, no steroids, no creatine only pure food and whey (all natural whey I must add - No Sugar/ Preservatives). My diet is incredibly pure, no sugar, refined carbs e.t.c, Im 18 years old and can safely say I started pubertly long ago so im no late starter ;) For the past 7 years Ive not touched a crisp, cake, cookie, sweet, chocolate or refined carbohydrate (not intentional). Ive always maintained good hygiene however I have noticed that, regardless since starting my sixth form college I started getting my first ever spots. I have since finished college in May 2010. I have been working out for the past 5 years and 'seriously' (altering diet/ Lifestyle) bodybuilding since August 2009. My bodyweight, for example in the last 4 months has increased from 145lbs to 170lbs.

However all said and done the 'spot' issue is causing me great distress, not simply because I have spots but because I cant understand what I have done that has suddenly brought this on, my lifestyle in my opinion is very healthy and it is very discouraging and depressing to have the spots I have when I lead such a life. Not knowing the cause and being able to act; I would do anything if I knew it would prevent the spots, is what really gets me down. At the end of the day I havent socialised or left the house in the last 2 months, so, as you can tell I cant let this go on much longer.

Here is some more in-depth information of my lifestyle and research I have done regarding my breakout.

My Diet for example:

8 Glasses of water, zinc, multi-vit, omega-3 (evening primose for 1 month march - april 2010)

Porrige + Skimmed Milk

Whey + Milk

Whey + Milk

Cottage Cheese < Recently removed Cottage Cheese last week



Brown Rice

2xWhey + Skimmed Milk + Oats


4 Eggs



Cottage Cheese

- Quantites of food are vast i.e 220g Cottage each serving, 300g Chicken, 60g Porrige +500ml Milk.

+ 4 Apples, 3 Oranges throughout the day.

My Total Calories are 3500 - 400g Protein, 120g Carbs, 50g Fat? - About >20% Cals from Fat.

Special points to make regarding diet

- I have been following this diet from December 2009 and up until June/July 2010, this is the point I started getting small red bumps on the left and right side of the mouth i.e near the chin. It since progressed from little bumps to small pimples in the area described. Thus the reason I think diet isnt the cause, however.

- I recently have, as stated increased my calories by about 750 as well as my protein from 300 to 400g, I also started frying my eggs to make omlettes (very little oil). From my research I realised this coincided with my breakbout of small bumps (Clogged pours?) and I have since reverted back to having my eggs with beans and the small bumps have completely disapeared although the small pimples have remained. My theory is the evaported oil from frying was clogging my pours when my face was over the frying pan (areas affected where only Chin).

- I also changed the brand of whey protein from the period of December 2009 - June 2010 to a different brand, I suspected this might be the route cause but I have gone back to my old brand with no difference.

- Recently I have removed cottage cheese, although I doubt this is the route cause as I have been eating large quantities for about a year and only the last 2 months have I got my breakout.

- Have elimated everything new to my diet which I hadnt been eating during my period of clear skin i.e Nuts but I Have since seen no marked improvement.

My Cleaning Routines

- During the period from December 2009 - June 2010 my cleaning routine was as follows: Wash 4x a day with simple sensitive soap, once in the mourning, once after a workout, once when I got home from college (6pm) and once after my late night workout. My skin was dry and taught but perfectly clear.

- From June/July when I first started noticing red bumps near chin I started the following routine: Wash with Soap, dry, use a facial wipe of bumpy areas then apply a toner. Skin Cleared up at first but then I think stayed the same and got slightly more dry.

- From August to September 15th I then Switched to washing 2x a day with Olay sensitive skin wash, much more calming to skin, not as dry but eventually my skin went back to being slightly dry. I then added my moisturiser but was put of after a day of using it as I got small red spots on affected areas. I then started using a sallysilc acid spot treatment and noticed an intial improvement, but I believe it then made the spots redder and made them linger on my skin a lot longer (Possibly irritation)? I started getting more spots on chin and forehead at this point.

- I then switched to Cetahpil Gentle Cleanser 2x a day and noticed an improvement until I started using the sallysillic acid spot treatment again to which spot numbers began to increase on chin.

- My latest facial routine I switched to from October 6th is as follows: Wash 2x a day, after mouring workout (8am) and night workout (10pm). I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser, Simple Hydrating Moisturiser and Panoxyl AG 2.5% as well (only at night) as St ives blemish exfoliator every 4 days.

My Lifestyle

- In the past 2 months the amount of sleep I am getting has increased from 3-6 hours from December 2009-May 2010 to 10 hours.

Benozyl Peroxide Experience

Currently being using BP since October 6th, and with very sensitive skin I got extreme redness and flaking which has since completely subsided, although I still get mild tingling and tightness afer applying BP for an hour or so. Only use BP once a day at night and at present get one pimple about 0.5cm in size (very small) every 4-5 days after the rest have healed on either side of chin/mouth area.


I have more research material that I have done on my own, I have a few notepads of logs regarding changes e.t.c and possible causes however the bulk of my research is listed above.

I know the use of BP is as a treatment not a cure, and it is this reason why I want to find the route cause of my breakbout early as recent changes to my life are still fresh in my mind, rather than leave it 5 years when I will forget what I changed to cause my spots.

Miscellaneous Notes

I also, for about 2 years have kept a picture log as I am a bodybuilding to which my face often appeared in them. I can thus judge by the date of the picture what diet I was following and have come to the conclusion that from 2008-2009 Alpro Soya and sugar was the causes of some of my early spots which subsided by December 2009. I also Annually seemed to get spots from September to October then in the middle of November as pictures from 2008./2009/2010 would indicate/

During the period of my clearest Skin I was incredibly lean, with little to no fat on me, however at present my body weight has increased dramatically although still with less than 10% Bodyfat.

My Mum & Dad both do not and have never had acne, nor have any of my relatives. My Mum & Dad do however eat whatever they want yet still have spot-free skin, they dont ever wash their faces.

I workout for 1 hour in the mouring and 2 hours at Night.

Spot Locations

- At present: Right Side Temple (healing), Chin (left and Right Side - Minor)

- Previous: Chin, Forehead and Temple where affected when ever I got spots, never cheeks or nose/neck/ rest of face.



Is the cause of my spots:


Cosmetic Irritation?


Thankyou all in advance for reading,

I really apprecaite any help you can provide.



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wow that's a lot of typing. but maybe it's none of those and just stress. due from college and worrying about how your face looks? :l i would doubt your diet has anything to do with it. and since your 18 now i wouldn't think it would be hormones. maybe your not getting enough sleep? you could probably see a derm and they can tell you more ?

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Thanks for the input, I doubt its from stress because even during my exams which where May - June 2010 I had absolutely no problems with my skin. I can tell you now im not stressed, however I cant really stay inside until it susbises can I ? Im more exasperated if anything because I dont go out so im not particularily anxious of how people will see me because im not putting myself in that enviroment. Thing is if im doing something that is aggrevating the problem then technically it will never cease until I realise to stop what im doing wrong. Furthermore I believe that I should know more and have a better understanding of my experinces than a Derm would, I mean theres only so much they can know until they have to generalise a treatment through lack of specific personal knowledge of my own situation. Obviously they could probably put me on some medication but thats still not tackling the underlying cause.

In addition ive seen mates of mine with worse hormonal spots around the chin area and temples but mine havent subsided in over a month or so so its something that is reoccuring and not just a random instance, I think:?


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As you're not on the regimen, I'm moving this to over the counter acne medications.

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I also exercise at the gym.

I hate to say this , but this is what i think :(

The spots most likely come from all the proteins your consuming + your overall increased testosterone (and hormone) level

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I thought about this too but ive been consuming this level of protein for over a year now and somedays I miss a day in the gym with no difference to the condition of my skin, in fact like I previously pointed out the best condition of my skin was following this exact same diet and workout routine about 10months ago up until 2 months ago. Also you have to alleviate your testosterone levels alot to produce a sudden breakout which, if it was the case would mean you should be building an astronomical level of muscle, people who take HGH and testosterone shots only occasionally experince the dreaded acne symptoms so in your case you are producing the same amount of testosterone as a bodybuilding taking steroids?

I dont ever sweat when I workout, either way I wash straight afterwards anyways.

I have however noticed a correlation between me eating ground Almonds and, funnily enough, don't laugh - masturbating.

My skin was consistently improving for about 2 weeks; I keep a log book, on the 5th I ate half a bag of ground almonds and masturbated - breaking my absinence which I had been doing for 4 days. I also did not apply BP to my chin area due to excessive redness because I applied to much the night before.

I believe all 3 of those factors contributed to me getting a few small whitheads on my left chin area. My forehead, between eyes, nose and upper lip and everywhere else on my face remains clear - due to the fact I applied BP to those areas as usual.


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I am a strong believer in the effectiveness of topicals to get rid of acne. In my experience and opinion anybody can get clear by finding the exact right combination of topicals for them. I seriously think you should alter your face regimen. Maybe you can go to a derm and get something prescribed? I would stay away from antibiotics like clyndamycin...that just stops working eventually. A really good regimen is a retinoid at night (like retin-a, differin, epiduo) and a sodium sulfacetamide/sulfur lotion in the morning (like prascion). Those products will unclog your pores, kill bacteria, and continue to help your skin even after you get clear. If you go to a derm i would ask them about these.

If you can't go the dermatologist route then i would at least use BP twice a day, and try to throw in some exfoliation a few times per week (chemical or physical).

You seem to be in the mindset that food and lifestyle greatly affect acne...well.. I've done much research, hours of reading posts, and had a lot of personal experience, and what i have found out is that different things work for different people. Maybe you are a person who is mostly unaffected by food/lifestyle? I would try to work on your topical medications...remember to give your new regimen at least 2 months!


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Thanks Maximus0 for your input, I appreciate everything you've said however my recent influx of skin problems is only 3 months old, im still in the mindset that Im only in the early stages of my problem so I can hopefully revert it without having to go down the antibiotic route.

P.s What is the difference between a retinoid and the BP I am applying at night?

Basically my skin has been clearing up really well, only problem is I started getting lots of flakiness around my mouth area, thus I began using St ives Sallysillic acid blemish exfoliator. Bad move, I believe my skin just dosent react well with this product or anything with sallysillic acid in, as from pictures taken and what I observe my skin quickly deteriorates there after improving by day 5/6.

Personally as my skin problems have only begun in the last 3 months and Iam doing pretty much exactly the same as I have been, both diet and lifestyle/ cosmetically since 2009, I really do believe its a surge of hormones (I am 18) that is causing my spots. Thus I believe I only need to rid the dead skins cells that clog the pours to relieve my spots. I have found a very gentle exfoliator which is 90% water believe it or not that I plan to use about 2x a week.

What baffels me is my spots are very tiny whiteheads i.e very small clogged pours on the sides of my mouth/chin, it seems even after 7 weeks using BP even that cannot combat the bacteria inside the pours unfortunately.

I have been applying BP, 2.5% Aquagel for the past 7 weeks now, why has it not killed all the bacteria yet?? Ive seen greater success of people with much more severe acne in less of a time span :?

I am going to start taking my zinc/multi vitamin again, exfoliate 2x a week and carry on washing/moisturising in the mourning and washing/bp/moisturising at night.

NOTE: I exfoliated on the 12/13th of November, and left on the exfoliator as a kind of mask, I believe this is what has caused my new spots to form / clog up as there only appearing where I appleid the exfolaitor mask.

I will keep updating.



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Ok just a little update.

Ive been on Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5% for 50 days, applying every night alongside a good non-comeogenic moisturiser.

Still getting whiteheads on chin area, i.e below corners of mouth by about an inch. I originally though it was maybe the moisturiser that was causing these whiteheads (no redness at the base of the pimple) so I switched from simple hydrating moisturiser to cetaphil moisturiser. No difference other than much better moisturisation and actual red, inflamed pimples this time. At present I had removed the BP and moisturiser and am just cleansing mourning and night, I have 3 whiteheads on the left side of my chin which I popped, iced and applied toothpaste ;) These whiteheads maybe be the result of the last moisturiser I used so im going to wait until these clear up and see if any more form. My right side chin is clear, im not oily at all, completely normal skin with no dryness anywhere, I honestly just cant see what is causing these pimples :? P.s I got a few pimples on my temple area of my face but they have since died down, possibly hormones?

Im currently taking 60mg of Zinc, 2 Omega 3 capsules and 1 multivitamin.

Any advice on ridding these whiteheads would be greatly appreciated.


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