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how to cover lots of red marks

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So im on accutane and im pretty clear but you wouldnt be able to tell by looking at me. My face is covered in red marks and i mean like 75% red marks, on my cheeks, neck, jawline, side of face, except my forehead.

Anyways ive done research and ive tried to use physicians formula powder with my tinted moisturizer and i just cant get it to look anywhere near natural :( Ive read other threads about people red marks but they just have like a few and can get away with using some concealer. I on the other hand can't really use just the concealer cuz it would take too long to conceal every red mark

From what ive read i should be using foundation then powder? or just mineral powder?

So ladies/guys please send some tips my way to help my cover up my red marks! and also tips on applying the makeup would be great!

thanks in advance guys

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It is very difficult to get foundation to look natural, even for us girls. If you're a guy, I wouldn't use foundation unless it's a very, verrry sheer coverage foundation. Please, for your own dignity, don't buy full-coverage and get a store-clerk to match your color. If you get the wrong color it will be obvious to everyone that you're wearing makeup. And it would just look wrong on a guy.

Tinted moisturizer with mineral foundation on top would be a good option. Most mineral foundations are pretty sheer. Apply tinted moisturizer, wait a while for it to sink in, then use a large fluffy powder brush (not the crappy ones that come with the product) to apply some mineral foundation and buff it into the skin well. Only apply a bit at a time and work up the coverage gradually. Make sure you don't forget to apply it to the chin/neck area and apply it in good lighting to avoid any visible 'lines' or streaking.

If you have dry skin/areas, then I would avoid powder/mineral foundations. They tend to accentuate flakiness and people can tell you're wearing foundation. Find a sheer liquid foundation and use the same technique above except with a damp makeup sponge.

But I think a better idea would be to get rid of the red marks entirely. There are a lot of topics around the boards about getting rid of post-acne scarring/pigmentation, or just ask your derm.

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i recommend a green or yellow primer to help with red marks. if you are a guy (or girl for that matter, im just reading the poster above) a primer is something you put before foundation/concealer to help prep your skin for makeup, and it just so happens that there can be color primers to help even out your skin tone.

ex. http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDet...sImpprod2690181

or http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDet...sImpprod2690183

if your skin is redder, i would recommend the green tinted.

then just apply whaever foundation your planning on using.

hope this helped.

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I definitely recommend a primer.

I use smashbox photofinish green tinted primer and it works pretty good. I have also tried ysl primer after reviews i got here but didnt like it so much.

I use my primer in layers which gives you the best finish.

So depending on how red/deep each area of my scarring is I will layer accordingly. Usually it takes about 10-15 mins for each layer to set but it is really worth it.

The green tint does a really good job of masking the red marks

Then I apply my foundation over the top (i use dior spary foundation so I dont muck up the primer)

Primer may not be for you - some people claim the sillocones break them out but i have never had a problem. Also i only go thru this dance when I go out so if your looking for a regular routine then my layering method might be too time consuming for you.

Another really good tip - its how I got my routine - is go to a beauty counter and get them to do a consulation with you. I went to the dior counter and she tested a whole rage of concealers and foundations. My consulation was free with purchase.

Good Luck :)

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It'll never be possible to not look "cakey" if you are really trying to "resurface" 70% of your skin with make up.

Forget about make up for now, and look into AHA to speed up fading red marks, then you can use sheer make up to take care of the rest.

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