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I have been taking the antibiotic doxycycline for a while now and it has improved my skin from severe cystic acne to mild/moderate acne. It is sort of controllable but the redness and inflamation get on my nerves!!! I have recently come accross the Lumie Clear which is a form of light therapy. It does say that if you take antibiotics with light sensitivity as a side effect then consult your doctor. I dont really want to do this< but at the same time i dont want to spend £150 and have bad side effects etc.

Has anyone used Lumie clear with Antibiotics????

your help is much appreciated :-D



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well, in June i broke out really bad so my doctor put me on minocyclin and soon after i brought lumie clear. There isnt alot of side affects that i have experienced. Besides being light headed for a few minutes after treatment and facial redness (which is probrably just caused by my minocyclin). If you use lumie too much, your skin will look sunburnt for about a week. But seriously, lumie clear is AMAZING £150 is worth it. I dont get any cysts anymore and my cheeks have been clear.

Remember to wipe it of the sweat that attaches to it after every 15 minute session btw!

good luck ;)

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One of my friends used Lumie Clear everyday ,he not noticing and new spots coming up so he treated that as a good sign so far! Finding the product really easy to use and again still using it for 15 minutes everyday. It has a handy timer that automatically switches it off after 15 minutes so no need to worry about timing how long you've had it on for. Although if you're not using it directly on the skin you have to increase the amount of time it's used for to get the same effect. he have had antibiotics for skin treatment in the past although you cannot take them very regularly, so the Lumie Clear would be a great solution

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