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Can i go on 20mg of Accutane?

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lool this is my 3rd question today.. sorry if i am repeating myself i just keep trying to think of ways to convince my derm to let me get accutane. all my doctors have said no flat out! =[

my derm said my acne is not severe enough for accutane ( it's not SEVERE but it doesn't go away. )my main problem is my cheeks where i get whiteheads and they fall off and leave red marks behind that take years to go. and when they heal, i get more whiteheads

i've tried all the cyclines, and all topical creams ( tazorac, stievamycin, clindette gel, clindamycin) and right now i'm on bactrim/septra, tazorac and diane 35 and i'm still getting whiteheads on my cheek.

i've been on tazorac and bactrim since april. and diane35 since august.

i heard your not supposed to be on bactrim for more than 4 months?

so my qs is why can't i go on a low dose of accutane such as 20mg?

P.S i've had acne since 14 and i'm 17 now.

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I am on a low dose regiment of accutane. 20mg. this is my second course. i did not have bad acne but stubborn mild to moderate. and very oily skin. this treatment now is working great, discuss it with your derm. if they say no there is obviously a reason they are againsti it for you.

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This is NOT a log and it is a duplicate topic. Please read the forum headings and descriptions before posting.

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