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Hey there, all

I'm new to these boards, though I've been on stoppickingonme and skinpick. I've been battling SP for about 2 years now, and I'm at my wit's end. I know you all can empathyze with me when I say I want to be COMPLETELY free of this affliction. I can't go a day without picking. Medications have helped alleviate my generalized anxiety disorder, but they have done nothing to ease the urges to pick.

I have done extensive research on pathologic skin picking (I'm writing a research paper on it, so I'm familiar with most of the current studies on it). I think my next step needs to center around behavior modification, but I don't know where to begin.

What do you all do psysically to train yourself to stop picking (eg keeping a picking log, performing competing behaviors, etc)? How successful have they been?

Thanks :]



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I've tried several things. What's worked the best for me has been telling myself that this is an addiction...I HATE this idea of having an addiction so that has worked as an adversive thought to the idea of picking (...not sure if this makes sense...). Also not looking in the mirror during certain times of the day when I'm most prone to picking. Of course I still need to use a magnifying mirror to do my eyebrows so this is kind of hard but at least cutting down on some times of the day has helped to cut down on the urges. The less times I get the urge the better! I read on someone's post about how picking can be hypnotic and I totally agree so I try to do mindfulness techniques before I look in the mirror...like breathing deeply and telling myself I am doing better everyday, that I'm beautiful as I am (...I picked thinking it'd make me look better but all it did was make me look raw and red...). This has helped. What has helped the most is being on acne medications that help my skin to break out less. If I'm in the middle of a bad flare-up I pick more because I can't stand any kind of red bumps or pus (sorry...). I'm worried about when I have to wean off Oracea in January but I'm hoping that the behavior changes I'm practising now will help keep me from picking then. I also have some "rules" I follow about picking rather than an all out no picking rule. I allow myself to pick off skin that'a almost falling off anyway and I allow myself to lightly prick any whiteheads that are above the skin on really red bumps. But I do not allow myself to apply any pressure whatsoever to the skin. Somehow allowing myself some leeway has helped to stop the urges.

Hope this helps! Would love to know more about your research paper. I used to work in research.

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I like that idea of "rules" for picking. I've actually kind of been doing that lately, but I just hadn't conceptualized it yet. But youre right, giving yourself leeway decreases urges. It's like if something is forbidden, you're more inclined to wanting to do it. Or at least that's how it is for me.

I finished my paper (finalllyyyy), and I learned some awesome, up-to-date information about PSP, and I even corresponded with some of the researchers. Both gave me a lot of encouragement and one recomended an online program created by researchers at Harvard for compulsive picking. I signed up for it, and I can honestly say, I haven't picked this little in at least two years.

God is good. :)

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