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BP cleanser

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is the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask effective? or is there something better suited for the cleansing process?

also i know part of the regimen is to not scrub your face but if you dont will the dead skin cells build up and clog pores? i always thought you were supposed to exfoliate to prevent such things... i would exfoliate with a wash cloth and then use the neutrogena clear pore cleanser but ive read on some posts that the bp cleanser is only effective for the time it is on your face. what is the best approach here??

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also on another note, are salicylic acid pads ok? Oxy makes some, they are 2.5% salicylic acid, one side is kind of scrubby and abrasive and the other is soft. i feel like going 12 hours inbetween cleansing is too long and i feel like my face gets oily so im inclined to use one half way through the day.

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from my experience, the clear pore cleanser/mask was most effective when used as a mask. the scrub didn't do anything for me. i do think they are discontinuing this product tho : ( i've never used a sa pad, but i am currently using the neutrogena 2% sa power scrub right now, and it's working nicely for me.

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You're on the regimen so you need:

1. Gentle, non-medicated cleanser

2. 2.5% BP

3. Gentle, non-medicated moisturizer.

So, no, don't use any of the products you mentioned. :P

Start here for the Regimen step-by-step directions.

Please be sure to read the What to expect page as that helps you see what's normal when you're starting out with the Regimen.

The Biggest Mistakes page will help you determine whether or not you should add that product or change up something with regards to the Regimen.

If you continue to have trouble, Having Trouble? will guide you through a series of questions that will help you pinpoint areas of concern with your use of the Regimen.

There's also a series of Frequently Asked Questions that address the most frequent questions that regularly come up.

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