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Hello everyone I first want to introduce myself. I have had acne snice I was 11 years old and I have been to dermatologist and esticians. I have tried proactive( a scam), anti-biotics, topical retinoids and anti-biotics, chemical peels, IPL( helps with red marks oh so well), liver/colon flushes, diet changes, changing pillow cases clining make up brushes every week, bith-control, sprionolactone, and extractions and goodness knows what else. My skin type is oily( when not on spiro) I tend to get mostly large tender white heads, nodules, cyst, I get it all. I tend to have acne all over my body back, chest, face, and uper arms. Currently I am on sprionolactone which is helping me but I am still getting stuff although not as bad. Still I have some scaring and the new stuff is scaring and I look a mess. I am going to my derm in december and last time he uped my dose on spiro and wanted to wait and see what it does. So i have decied that at my next apointment I am going to ask for accutane. I will tell him look I have been putting up with this long enough. I can not take it anymore the comments and anxiety of it I want freedom. Case in point and yes I know I have posted here several times but I just want to know if there is hope with this, I want to know about the side effects and most of all how do I convince the derm that Accutane is my only option at this point. My acne is not severe now, currently its more mild moderate and yes I am scaring minorly. I inherited this from my dad whom I love and I do not blame him one bit. The poor soul has moderate scaring and I do not want to turn out that way. Please you guys all I want is advice and support my parents have stated now that if I must take accutane then they will be by my side the whole time. I am also praying about this my bible study group prays for me. A little more intresting info about me is I am blonde blue eyed five three I live in arknansas. I am a sophmore at college I am going to be a speech pathologist and work for the VA system. I know I am despreate so please y'all what ever information you can give me Iwill appreicate. I am not affraid of the bad side effects taht much I have had two open heart surgires and I over came a learning disability I think I can surivie a course of accutane.

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I'm not sure what you're asking, but if you think accutane is the right treatment for you, when you see your dermatologist, talk to him about it. I'm 15 days into my course, and I'm not looking back, just forward to clear skin.

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