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Bloody Dermroller needles?

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So lets say you start rolling and blood accumulates on the needles of your dermaroller. Do you want to rinse it with distilled water every like 5 seconds. Or you just let the the dermaroller be bloody throughout the rolling process?

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kt7, it will be interesting to read others responses. I have used the 1.5mm dermaroller but never experienced such significant bleeding. Are you using a 2mm roller, or are you an easy bleeder, or have very thin skin?

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How long are you rolling for?

During a professional rolling treatment, that lasted an hour, I bled a bit, and the Dr did rinse the roller a few times, as well as wiping my face down.

I am concerned if you are bleeding so much doing home rolling. How long do you roll for? are you very aggressive? please take time to watch this...Rolling doesnt have to be awful.

I do 'light rolls' @ home now, and all id see is a few 'spots' of blood on my skin afterwards.

Please people- do the research!!!

IMO this guy /whitelotus is onto something, this is how Iuse rollers, my therory is, the more often you roll, the more collagen produced. All that downtime raw skin and trauma... is un called for.


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Most of the bleeding comes from me rolling my forehead and side of my temples. Yes I do have thinner skin then normal after using accutane like 4 years ago. I use a 1.5mm dermaroller.

maybe just pouring some distilled water over the needles to rinse it off like every few rolls would be a good idea?

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