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Acne.org users, stop blindly listening to other member's advice

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I'm on this site for hours every day and something I ALWAYS notice is how people feed off each other's advice so blindly. Yes it's great to have real people giving advice but we arent doctors and everyone's skin is different. A lot of users search for what they want to hear and then apply it once they see another member saying it.

There are a bunch of young teens on this site running around giving definitive answers regarding acne scar treatment and I just wanted let ya'll know that it's not right soaking up advice from people who are looking for answers just like yourself. Don't take this post in a wrong way, it's a fantastic thing to hear from other scar sufferers but for all we know, what we're doing now, we could regret next year and be on a more certain path. Just picture yourself a year ago and I'm sure many of us had different frames of mind and believed in different products and even advocated for different treatments.

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I agree with you to an extent. I went to several plastic surgeons and dermatologists and they all recommended lasers while at the same time acknowledging that lasers wouldn't do much. I've only heard about dermarolling, copper peptides, excision, subcision, dermal grafting, etc. etc. after joining this community. I feel like a lot of us know more about effective methods of treating acne scarring than most of these doctors, which is frustrating and kinda scary...

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starlit, GREAT POINT.

A forum like this allows people to share ideas, share success stories as well as horror stories.

There have been times I needed to rush and post about things like overdoing a peel....infections caused by procedures... the support and having a place to vent, a place to talk to others, is why we visit forums.

I heard about copper peptides online before I actually tried them at a clinic., as well as home needling (at first I thought it was way too barbaric to do at home!)

I have even told doctors about things I have read online and introduced one Dr to a product she had never used before.

A have also heard enough here, to turn me off trying some treatments on offer. I cant even begin to express gratitude for those who helped me reach my choices, that bought me so much closer to having the skin I want...

Everyone has to take responsibility for themselves because 'advise' given here is friendly, not professional. And is often based on personal opinion, rather than medical fact.

I also think that 'we' will probably care about our skin more than anyone slse ever will, and also treating ourselves at home is making scar managment affordable for everyone.

There is a real difference between being ignorant and blindly following advise from anyone(which is what I think buddy was getting at)- and thinking, chatting, and researching things for ourselves, before making informed choices about what treatment might be suited best to our own unique needs.


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another thing to consider is whether that persons skin and history is anything like yours, if not odds are their specific success may or may not apply to you.

Skin is something with many variables and complications.... especially something as sensitive as facial skin.

It is agreeable that many doctors are not giving person to person specific advice, thereby resulting in people rushing into treatments and/or being dissatisfied.

When treating your skin, your own research should ALWAYS be done and care should be taken... from doctors and fellow posters.

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i agree, some people do tend to follow advice blindly - but they are mostly the new users. a lot will pounce on the first thing they see without having an understanding in terms of what they are really doing. some do a lot of research and others will just post questions endlessly, without attempting to find this information themselves. its this lazyness which makes me realise they probably wont find the answers they seek, even if its shoved right under them.

i must admit most people who are in the know, rarely come back to this site and it seems to have a regular turnover of around a year or two. most of the people i used to chat to about scars are no longer here and only come back occasionally. i guess many feel this site is negative and has nothing new to offer them on a regular basis.

so you see a loss in old users and then new users who will ask the same questions over and over, its rather frustrating...hence i dont like to post in here often anymore either :(

on the whole though, ive found posts on here helpful :dance:

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Another MAJOR factor is everyone's unique definition of severe scarring. I can't go and trust that a certain treatment improved a user's SEVERE scarring by 50% when their scarring is mild compared to mine.

Like I said though, it's a great forum for discussing and leading each other in positive directions but your actions must take professional advice in consideration as well as your own strong will to research thoroughly. AND COMMON SENSE TOO PEOPLE lol.

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