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My experience - BP actually works

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Hi guys.

This topic describes my experience with the Regimen. By the way, please excuse my "bad" English... French is my mother tongue, since I am from Montreal, QC. I've been looking around this website since May 2010.

My background is: I am 22 years old and have had acne since maybe 14-15 years old. I'm a man. I didn't really pay attention to acne and lived my life until recently. I don't know why, it's just like that. I guess most of it is because it did hurt sometimes and I don't like feeling pain. There's also, of course, an aesthetic motivation behind this. I had, I guess, mild acne... I'd say about a dozen zits over my face at a given time.

I actually didn't exactly follow the Regimen. Instead, I made my own. I mean I always had a bottle of BP in my bathroom. However, I only used it like 2 or 3 times a year, and during a few days, and without cleaning my face before. So, overall, it was useless (and it really was). This website made me realize your face has to be clean before applying it; clean and dry. So I bought some cleanser.

What I don't like about the Regimen is that you have to apply moisturizer, which means you have to wait another 10-15 minutes after applying BP, which means the overall process takes like 30 minutes AFTER a shower, which is too much for me because I shower before going to bed and I am very, very tired when I do so. Thus, I decided not to use moisturizer. I don't have dry skin anyway. To prevent dryness, I decided to do the process only once a day (before going to bed). I am aware that, by doing it only half of the time, I'm only exposed to light changes.

So this is it. I started at the beggining of May 2010, and now we're at the beggining of November 2010. BP actually works. I don't really have any zit now. I might have very tiny bumps, but as soon as you're like 2-3 foot away, you won't notice it. Sometimes I get a bigger, isolated zit, but I just don't care, because even my cleanest friends have one from time to time. And it won't hurt, usually, leaving it only an aesthetic problem, which is because we built a social construct saying "acne is ugly"... well that's too bad, I can deal with that.

The thing it doesn't seem to help with is cysts. I get a cyst or two per year. I hate them, because they can hurt as hell and they're really huge and visible. Also, they take weeks to go away, and usually leave scars for several months. That is my situation now. I still have a scar (which makes my skin a bit higher on one of my cheeks) from a cyst that started to grow up back in about mid-August. It grew for several days, was huge as hell, then sloooooowly started to go away. I should have been injected with cortisone here, but here in Montreal, getting a (free) public derm may take up to a year, and a private one (but you have to pay, which is weird for us because health is always free) about a month. "Emergency" dermatology does not really exists here, unless you really have an emergency (not just an aesthetic one). So... I don't know what to do with those sporadic cysts. Maybe following the Regimen twice a day would help, or adding some moisturizer, but it takes so much time.

I also have bacne... which is only embarassing in summer (beach, pool, etc.). I tried to use the Regimen, also once a day, exactly as prescribed with BP and AHA, during about a month and a half. I kind of helped, but again, I was too tired to continue. I might try it again in several weeks. In fact, I'm just curious to see if there's something to do about it. I don't necessarily want to keep using the bacne Regimen if it works, but at least I'll know that something works. I also have nodules on my back (cysts are more rare) sometimes, which last a few days. I stopped using a backpack as this website told me.

For the face, if I can give you some advices:

  • don't scratch/touch your face (I did that when I was stressed before an exam or when studying for one)
  • give yourself at least 2-3 months before deciding if the Regimen works or not (I'm glad I kept with it because even after 1-2 months, the changes were taugh to notice)
  • try to plan where you'll sleep... if you know you'll sleep at a friend's place or something, bring the BP with you (and if you come back completely drunk, try to do the Regimen, or parts of it, nevertheless, or go to bed and do it as soon as you wake up... a few hours won't hurt the mere mortal)

That's it. I just wanted to say that BP works, as it always did for the past decades (there's nothing revolutionary here!).

Enjoy yourselves,

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