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help me find a new regimen-maybe a new log for me

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so ive been on dans regimen for about 5-6 months and although it got better ive still been getting breakouts. and now it seems im back to square one again.and its getting back to mod acne and leaving scarring

i really want to change my regimen and i want lear skin more than anything i also want to do what i can to mminimise any initial breakout id get anyway im planning on to going to my derm this week again and asking him for this? (please tel me what you think when ive finished)

-im going to ask him for differin to use at night and duac in morning.

(because ive been using bp consistently i really want to take things slow soim planing on to use differin once a week, sticking to bp and then using duac in morning. then when i feel like my skin is handlinbg it start using it twice and then three times a week. also that way maybe ill be able to deal with any IB easier?

then moistuirse with eucetrin spf 15

im also thinking of going on an antibiotic-minocyclin or doxy but i dont know much about them and also what are probitics- i realy dont know much about it so can you please give me more info on this please????????

im also thinking of going on a birth control pill that i was on before that really controlled the monthly breakiuts i got.

will be taking zinc,vitamin e, primrose oil, and vitamin d as im alreading taking them.

how does that sound im really thinking itl maybe help clear me up??????

please let me know what you guys think. i really want to know what im putting myself into before i go into these meds again (i was on it before didnt know how to use it and ruined my skin, i know more about it know and think i am somewhat prepared)

anyways please please comment back to me.

would be much appreciate dand will be alot of help fpr me?

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Differin and Duac is a combo that's used fairly often, so you should definitely try it if you want... just know that your skin will most likel undergo some purging for a few months. If your skin is sensitive, using the Differin once is week is probably a good place to start. It really depends on the person. Using it less often will help most with the side effects and irritation.

My dermatologist has always given me topicals and antibiotics when I go - he says the topicals fight from the outside in while the antibiotics work from the inside out. They've never really worked to control any of my IBs (although it did for some other people). I'm not sure which probiotics are used to help treat acne, but the difference between the two is that probiotics stimulate the growth of microorganisms while antibiotics inhibits growth (since there is good bacteria and bad bacteria).

No one can really tell you if a specific regimen will work for you because everyone's skin is different.

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