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Here is a question that I have been pondering... What would your life look like if you had never struggled with acne. Or, in a more general term what would your life look like if you believed in yourself and had higher self esteem.

I know for me personally, in my late teens and into my early 20s I found my self esteem to be very low. This effected my relationships, and in my opinion I probably lost several friends and also potential long term relationships. To this day, I find myself still at a point where I have a hard time feeling confident about myself even though I don't struggle with the condition so much anymore.

I believe that I wasted a big portion of my life because of things like this that in reality did not really matter much at all. If I was to change it all, I would have engaged with others more and pursued the people and things that I held dear to my heart more wholeheartedly.

So here is my next question... What would your life look like, if you knew that you wouldn't fail.

I look at my current line of work and I ask myself everyday if I were to die tomorrow, would I want to be going to work to do what I am doing today. The answer is an absolute NO. I spend a large portion of my day telling High School students: "No, you cant do that!", or "You must follow our rules and do it our way". In reality, I want to do the complete opposite. I feel that education in general teaches people limitations, especially in k-12 and I want to shift my focus to telling people that "You can do it!".

I am in the process of a career change. I have a vision or a goal of becoming a full time Motivational Speaker and Author. It is not an easy feat by any means, but I believe that I would rather focus my attention on something that I would be proud of doing as opposed to something that I currently despise.

The thing that I hold in my mind is this: If you were going to build a brick wall by yourself, you could not accomplish it all in one day. But if you were to lay one brick, as perfectly as you can each and every day, then in a year you will have built that wall.

So tell me folks... What would YOUR life look like if you did not struggle with acne, self esteem, etc. And what would your life look like if you knew you wouldn't fail...

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If I already knew I was never going to fail.. Nothing would be exciting anymore! And I could never be proud at myself anymore cause I was ment to succeed anyway :P

As far as acne free.. I don't think it would have made a huge difference, since I already had some issues before I got acne. Yes it made me even more insecure, but if I never had acne I probably found something else to be insecure about.

Though I never had severe acne, so I think it's also related to the severity of it.

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