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Needling vs Dermaroller

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So i've been rolling my scars since may now, got one mayor boxcar that is my priority to fix.

The first time I rolled I needled it too, but then it got bigger so I got scared and skipped the needling.

After that I rolled my scars another 4 times ( 4-6 weeks apart with a 1.5 mm dermaroller ) and got steady improvement, like 50-70 percent.

But the 4th and 5th time the scar didn't seem to improve any more, so I decided to give needling another try.

I needled + dermarolled the scar 2 times since that day, the last time was about 1.5 weeks ago.

Now the scar is like 2 x it's size, it looks like a mess.

Seems like the needling ****ed the scar up again.

Also this other scar I got like 4 months ago, I rolled that scar one time, got some improvement ( 10 percent ) and after that needled + dermarolled it 2 times. That scar is also 2 times as big and deep now.

All the improvement is gone.

Seems like I get some improvement with rolling, but needling messes the scars up. They look like a complete mess now, I was happy with the results I got from rolling, but now i'm back at 0 cause needling made the scars a disaster.

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I find it very hard to believe that your scars improved 50-70% and then after needling, went back down to 0%. I can empathise with you because after 7 fraxel restores sometimes my scars look 60% better and then a week later they literally look like they were a year ago. I just don't know why you didnt stick with the rolling when it was giving you such good results.

I myself am not experienced with needlign or rolling, just experienced with fraxel restore and vbeam and some other serums and creams. I'm currently reading up on dermastamping and rolling every single night.

Not to take the attention away from your problem, but what roller were you using? The one that gave you great improvement. U said it was 1.5mm but what was the brand?

All the best.

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They don't went back from 50-70 % improvement to 0, they are still different.

But the needling made them so wide they look worse for me, so it feels like i'm back at 0.

This whole thing is a emotional rollercoaster, one day you wake up and your scars seem better, you get happy and all, and the next day they look like the asshole of a dead hippo again.

Yeah I should have sticked with rolling but like I said the last 2 times I rolled there was 0 improvement, I got greedy.

I thought needling would give more improvement, but it didn't.

I got my roller from Sarah Vaughter, 3 line 1.5 mm roller.

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